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For those on a healthy diet or detox, eating lean doesn't mean fine cuisine is not on the menu. Set to become this summer’s hottest lunch spot and cocktail hangout for the health conscious Hong Konger, CÉ LA VI launches a new collection of low-carb, high-protein dishes and gut-loving fro-yo dessert. Available now until 31st August to get the health kick started.

The new healthy dishes can be chosen as part of CE LA VI’s Executive Lunch Set for $198* under the three sections for starter, main and sides. From protein-rich meats and fresh sustainably sourced seafood (additional price for premium items), there’s something for all tastes. What’s more, Executive Chef Jason Au keeps it fresh and makes a conscious effort to use the season’s best produce as well as vegetables from the local markets.

A feel good lunch can start with the Tuna Tataki (+$20) which is teeming with omega-3 and seared only lightly with vitamins and minerals from caramelised shallots, wakame seaweed, maitake mushrooms and an appetite inducing tosazu dressing.
This is followed by a choice of mains (+$50), including the succulent US grain-fed Beef Striploin with a superfood salsa of avocado, corn and tomato or the freshly Seared Tuna that uses sustainably sourced Yellowfin from the Pacific Ocean. A health food favourite, the

Salmon Spicy Coriander comes with a spicy green jalapeño and coriander sauce that speeds up metabolism, while another nutritious choice comes in the form of Prawn & Squid Barley Salsa. High in fibre and low in fat, this dish is a great alternative to rice and is made with overnight barley soaked for 12 hours for a softer texture. But lunch is not complete without a diet-approved dessert and CÉ LA VI offer a low calorie Seasonal Fruit Platter with Homemade Frozen Yoghurt on the a la carte menu. Created with nutrient-packed Greek yoghurt and fruits, guests won’t have to choose between their diet and their happiness.

CÉ LA VI坐擁三百六十度環回都市美景,將蘭桂坊的動人魅力發揮至極致。華麗迷人的戲劇效果在CÉ LA VI得到盡情展現,令客人可在享用美饌之餘,更能夠細細品味室內外的夢幻景緻,在都市之巔感受CÉ LA VI獨特的動感與愜意。餐廳致力呈獻新派精緻亞洲料理及雞尾酒,從A5和牛到香港意式泡沫咖啡等創意選擇應有盡有,無論是質感,味道或是搭配都予人無限驚喜。






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