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To Inspire your Appetite. If you are looking for food-spiration, opportunities to socialize and meet new people, FeedMe Guru is your ultimate dining concierge. With trusted suggestions on the best places in town and which hero dishes to order, we want our customers to feel empowered by being in-the-know.


Our restaurant partners are carefully vetted by our advanced sentiment analysis engine. Their exclusive tasting menus on FeedMe Guru are competitive priced; and feature signature dishes as well as exciting off-menu creations that pamper our customers with the most unique dining experiences.


Make an occasion out of every meal. Be it special events or a treat for yourself and your loved ones. With FeedMe Guru, every dining experience will make you feel special and inspired.


An explorer and a sage. Come again? FeedMe Guru is an explorer on a journey of excitement and discovery to seek out a world of better food. Simultaneously, FeedMe Guru is also a sage who also enjoys the process of researching and sharing the fruits of his labor with YOU!


Pick a menu that you fancy, select a time and date, and you are all set! At the end of your meal, we will charge your credit card automatically so you are saved from the hassle of settling a payment directly with the restaurant. You may also collect Guru Dollars from every meal and apply it as a discount to your next tasting menu with FeedMe Guru. Receive $25 off by registering and book your first tasting menu here!

Our Restaurant Partners

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