Exclusive Tasting Menus by the Top Restaurants in Town


We believe that life’s most important memories are created over meals - the birthdays, the first date, the anniversary, the proposal. That is why we have created a platform for you to discover, compare and book exclusive tasting menus curated by the top restaurants in 3 simple steps.


Our restaurant partners are carefully vetted by our advanced sentiment analysis engine. These restaurants’ exclusive tasting menus on FeedMe Guru are always competitive priced and features their signature and exciting off-menu creations.


With us, you will always have the best options for that special occasion, or simply when you feel like a treat for yourself and your loved ones.


We are a team of perpetually hungry foodies who treat eating as an art, and not just an exercise to suppress hunger.


Pick a menu that you fancy, select a time and date, and you are ready to go! At the end of your meal, we will charge your credit card automatically so you are saved the hassle of settling payment directly with the restaurant. Also, collect Guru Dollars on every meal and apply it as a discount to your next tasting menu with FeedMe Guru.

Our Restaurant Partners