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Jan Jan Kushikatsu

5-Course Crabalicious Tasting Menu


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Originated from Shinsekai, Osaka, with now 12 locations in Osaka and Tokyo, this is the first renowned authentic kushikatsu restaurant opening in Hong Kong. Jan Jan Kushikatsu is well known in Japan for its fried skewers, which originated in Shinsekai, Osaka, but also serves kushiyaki (grilled skewers), appetizers, rice & noodle dishes, and seasonal specials. For food-lovers who enjoy the vibe and food in authentic izakayas, Jan Jan Kushikatsu is a must visit.

The menu boasts a line-up of the most decadent ingredients seasonal to November: snow crab, sea urchin and scallop are just a few of the handpicked ingredients by Chef Abeyama Hideki. Our Head Chef, Abeyama Hideki, hails from our original shop in Osaka and has over 10 years of experience with the restaurant chain in Osaka. Unlike tempura or tonkatsu, kushikatsu requires a different knowledge skillset producing a more exciting, crunchy batter that is paired well with sake or beer.

Our dinner menu serves crab, both fried and grilled with Jan Jan’s secret recipe. Hosting 6 fried and 3 grilled skewers, you are bound to enjoy the variety similar to an omakase sushi dinner, except with skewers! Appetizers, main, and dessert to also accompany the meal ($398 per).

Originated from Osaka, this is the first renowned authentic kushikatsu restaurant opening in Hong Kong. Jan Jan Kushikatsu is best known for its fried skewers, a everyday snack that has been extremely popular with the local population in Osaka. For food lovers who enjoy the vibe and food in authentic izakaya, Jan Jan Kushikatsu is a must visit.


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