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Mercedes me

Mercedes Me - Savouring Art


* Dietary Restrictions can be accommodated, please specify in special request.

A-la-carte menu available

Want something different? Order a-la-carte from the normal menu.


4 Course Art Tasting Menu by Mercedes me, including an artsy cocktail.
Mercedes me, a restaurant that is pioneering a whole new way for you to experience the Mercedes lifestyle. 

Highlights include:
1. Save the Ocean - The inspiration for the cocktail is oceans - the lifeblood of planet Earth and humankind. Due to excessive human activities, it has been polluted and gradually losing its beauty. The chefs hope this cocktail can raise awareness of increasing ocean pollution. Blue Curacao is used to depict the colour of the sea while fresh and edible seaweed is used as garnish to give the cocktail an oceanic taste. The ice and the light makes the drink glow like the ocean.

2. Scallops - Scallops/iberico ham/squid ink/beetroot are flavours that match in taste and aesthetics so the chefs put them together in one dish. It shows their love for food, and their intuition on matching flavours and textures.

3. Sweet Potato - Inspired by Japanese sweet potato cheesecake, and a south american "sweet potato jam/paste and cheese" dessert, it combines both concepts into a unique, modern and unique creation.

Mercedes Me is a lifestyle extension from Mercedes-Benz, offering a combination of vehicle presentations, culinary experiences, events and consultation. 

*Dietary restriction could be accommodated
**A-la-carte menu is also available

Mercedes me is a restaurant and concept store of Mercedes Benz that comprises a “house”-like design. Offering an all day menu, guests can enjoy “plates” are designed for sharing in a relaxed lunch or dinner setting, accompanied with cocktails that have an Asian twist. Guests will also discover the latest car model and a series of limited Benz merchandise in the store.

Shop 38 & 40, G/F, 48 Queen's Road Central, Central
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