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FeedMe Guru brings France to Hong Kong with Le French GourMay 2018

FeedMe Guru brings France to Hong Kong with Le French GourMay 2018

(Hong Kong, May 14, 2018) May is the month to experience the richness of France, FeedMe Guru has partnered with Le French GourMay to celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2018. The world-famous flavours and aromas of South France, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur has been brought to Hong Kong by selected top-notch restaurants.

Gastronomic celebration with 16 restaurants

FeedMe Guru has lined-up 16 high-end restaurants to honour Le French GourMay 2018. The authentic South France dining experience is made possible with exclusively crafted menus featuring monumental treats such as Bouillabaisse and Salade niçoise alongside a fine selection of wine. Furthermore, the French delicacies have been taken to greater heights thanks to fusion fine dining with Asian ingredients, modern French Technique and soaring imagination by the talents of Michelin-starred chefs and guest chefs.

South France Specialties

The menus showcase exceptional French cuisine from the region's sea, hillsides, and mountain pastures, delivering authentic flavours with the best ingredients that France has to offer. Its Mediterranean climate makes the sunshine 300 days a year, providing the best environment for producing olives, honey and black diamond - truffles, just to name a few amongst the many treasures of the region. This is reflected on the plate with colourful and fragrant dishes by the exceptional chefs.

Wines and Appellation

Between Provence and Rhône river valley, the area’s viticulture showcases a talent for combining the secular tradition with modernity. Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur is the world’s biggest producer (10% of world production), the region in France that has the largest variety of wines, and the oldest vineyard. This diversity and quality have been recognized in France and internationally by label “Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée” (Controlled Designation of Origin). Specific wines have been selected for a complete guide through the South of France this May in Hong Kong.

About FeedMe Guru

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About Le French May & Le French GourMay

Established in 1993, Le French May ( is one of the largest cultural events in Asia. With more than 150 programmes presented across two months, it has become an iconic part of Hong Kong’s cultural scene that reaches out over 1 million visitors each year.

Being an important part of Le French May since 2009, Le French GourMay ( has been celebrating and promoting the French food and wine culture in Hong Kong and Macau. It has become in a few years, thanks to a strong communication and involvement of the gourmet community, a major food and wine festival. Every year in May, Le French GourMay presents a different region (Midi-Pyrénées, Rhône Valley, Provence, Burgundy, Bordeaux, Alsace, Champagne etc.), introducing and encouraging people to experience the dining culture in French style and letting go through an authentic French gastronomic journey through a network of more than 200 local partners.

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About the 16 participating restaurants

We are honoured to partner with these 16 sophisticated restaurants for Le French GourMay.

Brasserie on the Eighth is showcasing exquisite menus in collaboration with two Michelin-Starred Guest Chefs from France.

紫 Dining at Murasaki is combining the best of Japanese and French cuisine, selecting high quality ingredients from Japan and France.

Rech by Alain Ducasse is offering an authentic French seafood experience, showcasing the best seasonal fish, shellfish and oysters, prepared with the Chef’s personal interpretation.

Restaurant Petrus is offering a special South of France menu paired with breathtaking views of Victoria Harbour in Island Shangri-La.

Le Rêve is combining the art of French cooking with specially selected fresh ingredients from Japan, to present an unprecedented experience in a South of France focused menu.

Seasons is presenting exquisite contemporary French cuisine in a lavish and elegant manor-like setting inspired by the passing of the seasons.

Gaddi’s is bringing together a unique "golden culinary trio" of highly accomplished gastronomic talents, including Chef Xavier Boyer, Restaurant Manager Michele Drusacchi and Chief Sommelier Bojan Radulovic for its Le French GourMay dinner menu.

The Pawn is creating an exciting menu for Le French GourMay 2018, featuring 3 Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur inspired dishes.

Maison ES is inviting guests to indulge in a comforting yet creative menu of casual French fare, with the option to upgrade to free-flow Provence rose wine.

Le 188° Restaurant & Lounge is offering modern European cuisine and seafood delights from the very top of Harbour Grand Hong Kong.

Plat du Jour is serving 6 exquisite dishes especially designed for Le French GourMay, showing authentic French cuisine infused with Provence-Allen-Cote d’Azur’s regional flavors.

Bostonian Seafood & Grill is curating a special South of France menu using sustainable seafood and organic ingredients to bring an authentic menu to the table.

Michelin 2-star Shang Palace (Kowloon Shangri-La) is featuring an exquisite six-course dinner complemented by finely selected southern French wines.

Man Ho Chinese Restaurant is creating a South of France inspired menu by Executive Chef Jayson Tang with a corresponding selection of fine wines.

Classified is offering 3 French cheeses and dishes featuring Pont l'Evêque spaghetti gratin, Selles sur cher salad & Ecir en aubrac pizzette along with 3 selected wines from Southern France.

Porterhouse is offering free-flow Rosé de Léoube with Seafood & Steak Weekend Buffet Brunch for Le French GourMay.