by FeedMe Guru on Jul 28, 2016

Catch Your Favorite Pokémon at Top Restaurants Using FeedMe Guru!

Catch Your Favorite Pokémon at Top Restaurants Using FeedMe Guru!


(Hong Kong ,28 July, 2016) We know there is nothing more important than catching Pokémon, especially rare ones! With FeedMe Guru’s Facebook Messenger bot, you can select a Pokémon and see which restaurants they are chilling at.

Simply message FeedMe Guru on Facebook Messenger and type in “Pokémon” or “比卡超”. Our bot will walk you through which restaurants in popular areas - Central, Lan Kwai Fong, Causeway Bay and Wan Chai are housing your selected Pokémon, real time. Feed your stomach with good food and quench your thirst for Pokémon by messaging FeedMe Guru right away!

Pokémon are unpredictable creatures. They may only stay in each spot for 30 minutes so you better book the restaurant using FeedMe Guru and hurry over before they leave.

“This smart tool helps me find good food and rare Pokémon all at the same time. It’s great that I can let FeedMe Guru feed both myself, and my Pokémon army!“ says avid Pokémon Go trainer, Satoshi.

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FeedMe Guru is a platform to discover unique dining experiences in Hong Kong. FeedMe Guru works closely with a wide range of medium to high-end dining spots by inviting them to offer exclusive tasting menus. Users can discover and order from tasting menus in just three clicks. They can also order à la carte for a customized dining experience. To ensure a smooth dining experience, users can make reservations, order dishes and pay on FeedMe Guru conveniently. Quality photos are displayed to show the details of tasting menus.

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