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FeedMe Guru presents: Flavours of Spain – A Regional Taste of Adventure

FeedMe Guru presents: Flavours of Spain – A Regional Taste of Adventure


(Hong Kong, 18 May, 2017) During the month of June, FeedMe Guru will take its guests on a gastronomical journey through the most celebrated culinary destinations of Spain. Partnering with eight of Hong Kong’s leading Spanish restaurants, and proudly supported by the Spanish Chef Association, Consulate General of Spain in Hong Kong, and the Spanish Trade Commission, FeedMe Guru has curated delicious tasting menus at each of the locations showcasing the diverse flavours of Spain. These tasting menus can be booked online, exclusively on FeedMe Guru’s app and web platforms, from June 5th to 25th, 2017.

Participating Restaurants

In Spain, food is truly a passion. All the exotic and aromatic flavours of this colourful country will be brought vividly to life as guests go on an adventure from the Basque Country in the North to Andalusia in the South.

FoFo by el Willy will tackle the Northern Route, starting with Galicia in the North West of Spain and focusing on the freshest seafood produce of the region - oysters, crabs and mussels. Guests will then be transported to San Sabastian in the Basque Country, famous for its exquisite cod fish dishes.

Cassio will zoom in on the Catalonia region, with a menu that extensively uses ingredients popular along the Mediterranean Coast including peppers, nuts and fish, to craft dishes that portray traditional Catalan flavours with a contemporary twist. For a true taste of traditional Catalan culture, the menu will start off with a healthy, well balanced and refreshing dish - Roasted Bell Pepper, Tomato and Anchovies served with Goat Cheese which utilizes seasonal vegetables from Spain. Finishing on a sweet note with nuts and wine through the dessert dish – Hazelnut Ice Cream served with almond, Chocolate Hazelnut Ganache and Sponge Cake with a dash of Pedro Ximenez.

Ammo, a contemporary tapas bar headed by Chef Jaime Nunez, continues to feature dishes from Northern Spain including the Basque Style Daily Fish with Cauliflower Puree and Grebiche Sauce.

Zafran will take diners to different regions in Spain, zig zagging from Galicia to Basque country. Incorporating a Latino twist into all the dishes from these regions, we pay homage to the heritage of Chef Miguel Gallo with dishes such as the Iberico Pork cooked in rich Columbian rum.

The menu at Reserva Ibérica Signature Kitchen will induce an intense feeling of the Spanish summer within the souls of its guests. A highlight of the menu is the Deluxe Jamon Iberico Platter, featuring ham from the north (Guijelo) which has a sweeter profile, the center (Extremadura) with its softer texture, and the south (Jabugo) which is full of nut and acorn flavours.

Diners will travel South with La Paloma’s menu. Dishes from regions like Extramadura, famous for the Iberico Pork Cured Meats, will make a special appearance by including the Iberian Acorn Feed Cured Meats with Cristal Bread.

One Minden Tapas will continue to focus on the South, using ingredients that can be found in different parts of Southern Spain, such as the Almond Soup from Malaga and the Deep Fried Mixed Fish that is immensely popular in Cadiz.

Lastly, Ham & Sherry, will pair sherry, one of the treasures of Southern Spain, with each of the tapas forming part of their delectable tasting menu. Most people only know sherry as an aperitif or digestif but the talented team at Ham & Sherry wants to change that with drier versions paired with each of the savoury courses and a sweeter version with the dessert.

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