by FeedMe Guru on Feb 8, 2018

FeedMe Guru launches Corporate & Group Booking Concierge Service

FeedMe Guru launches Corporate & Group Booking Concierge Service

(Hong Kong, February 8, 2018) When it comes to organizing corporate and group dining events, picking the right venue undoubtedly can be a challenging task. From budget and location, to capacity and ambiance, every single factor needs to be carefully considered. FeedMe Guru has officially launched the Corporate & Group Booking Concierge Service to extend unique dining experience to corporate and users with group dining needs.

A convenient and peace of mind concierge service

The service offers multiple benefits to corporate and group users. Users who are living the hustle can save the time and effort to conduct restaurant research. With this hassle-free concierge service, they can book the ideal restaurant easily. FeedMe Guru has built an extensive food and beverage network that gathers medium to high end restaurants in town, some of which are Michelin-starred restaurants and 5 Star hotels’ dining spots. By using the service, users can enjoy ultimate dining experience with exclusive and best priced menus.

Hassle-free channel for restaurant partners to gain businesses

Restaurant partners can also enjoy foreseeable benefits from being part of this concierge service. Restaurants can now value this as an additional channel to gain businesses, especially for high spending corporate bookings. To cater group bookings, restaurants need to plan ahead, such as sourcing ingredients, allocating manpower and liaising with the relevant personnel. FeedMe Guru can also cater to restaurants’ policies by collecting deposits and cancellation fees. Restaurants can then handle bookings with ease and focus on providing ultimate dining experience to the users.

Catering corporate and group dining needs

Tailored to the needs of corporates and groups, FeedMe Guru facilitates user-restaurant matching with just a few steps. Firstly, users can contact FeedMe Guru when they have group booking needs. This can range from casual celebrations with friends to large business dinners with clients. FeedMe Guru will then provide three to five recommendations, with exclusive benefits negotiated. The process is completely free. When a restaurant has been designated, FeedMe Guru connects users to the relevant personnel from the restaurant to discuss the planning and logistics needs. FeedMe Guru’s fully integrated system can also cater any deposit needs.

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About FeedMe Guru

FeedMe Guru is a platform to discover unique dining experiences in Hong Kong. FeedMe Guru works closely with a wide range of medium to high-end dining spots by inviting them to offer exclusive tasting menus. Users can discover and order from tasting menus in just three clicks. They can also order à la carte for a customized dining experience. To ensure a smooth dining experience, users can make reservations, order dishes and pay on FeedMe Guru conveniently. Quality photos are displayed to show the details of tasting menus.

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