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Crabalicious - Claws Worth a Detour

Crabalicious - Claws Worth a Detour

Ultimate crab feast served by more than 60 restaurants in November

(Hong Kong, October 27, 2017) Autumn is the official crab season–it is when the delicacy becomes too succulent and fleshy for anyone to resist. Crabalicious, the first citywide crab festival in Hong Kong, will be launched in November this year. Jointly collaborated by FeedMe Guru and Hong Kong Tourism Board, the festival will offer a month’s worth of exclusive crab tasting menus in November.

Crab tasting menus by over 60 restaurants

There are many ways to serve crustaceans other than the popular “Canton-style typhoon shelter crab”. To seize the best moment to enjoy fresh crabs, FeedMe Guru organizes Crabalicious for Hong Kong foodies. FeedMe Guru has lined up more than 60 top-notch restaurants to offer crab-oriented tasting menus throughout November. Participating restaurants range from the trendiest dining spots to eateries with glowing Michelin star reviews. The myriad of restaurants are committed to serving their best crab dishes.

Chinese crab culinary showcase

Shang Palace of Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel is leading the way of Chinese cuisines. It will serve steamed shrimp dumplings filled with crab meat, coriander and water chestnut. Another signature dish is baked crab meat, wild mushroom and Inaniwa noodles served with cheese sauce. Other highlights include sautéed fresh milk and egg white, and chilled crab meat with saké jelly. Located in Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel, Ye Shanghai interprets authentic dishes from Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai in a contemporary way. Braised bird’s nest with fresh water crab is highly recommended. Qi-Nine Dragons is a modern Sichuan style restaurant. It’s tasting menu includes hot and sour crab soup, spicy soft-shell crab and chili fried Dungeness crab, which is perfect for spicy food lovers.

International crab delicacies for gourmands

Crustaceans are featured in dishes across different culture–from Western and Japanese to Malaysian and fusion cuisines. Umai, a Japanese Izakaya, serves grilled food including the grilled Japanese Taraba crab. Tempura Taki in Central prepares lunch and dinner menu with fresh snow crab from Japan. Nishimura Restaurant offers hairy crab meat in vinegar. Western crab cuisines are varied as much as the Japanese ones. Petrus of Island Shangri-La offers delicate French cuisine. It’s highlight “Le crab à la presse” is Alaska king crab with custard and handpicked warm salad. Located in JW Marriott Hotel, Flint Grill & Bar refreshes our taste buds by combining king crab with kohlrabi, verjus and apple salad. Café Malacca provides Malaysian and Singaporean cuisines. Their dishes include chili crab and black pepper crab. Namo Avant Thai, one of the Michelin recommended restaurants in 2016, mixes English and Thai style into the British brown crab claw, with crab meat, brown rice and a hint of lemongrass.

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