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Tiger San

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 From the known and loved Tiger Group, the revamped Tiger San Stone Grill Beef & Curry is here to bring a brand new dining concept with a versatile dining experience. With paw prints in Causeway Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui and Tsing Yi, the group’s unique Japanese curry sauce directly imported from Osaka has earned the brand a unique spot in local foodies’ hearts.  With the launch of Tiger San Stone Grill Beef & Curry, Tiger Group hopes to tantalize diners with its signature mouth-watering curries and new innovative delicacies.   Mr Yu Hasegawa, Tiger San Stone Grill Beef & Curry ’s new Japanese executive chef has over    two    decades    of    experience    gained    from    working    in    New    York    and    in    his    very    own    restaurant    in    Osaka.    The skilled chef explained the inspiration behind the restaurant’s new menu: “Many Hong Kong tourists loved and returned to my restaurant in Osaka for the Volcanic Stone Grill. I think diners in Hong Kong will be delighted to find this delicacy here.” 

Hong Kong, Tsing Yi, 226, Maritime Square 2- 2/F, Maritime Square 2
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