With 160 moon-like glass balloon lamps hanging in the J.moon Lounge, J.moon, taking the moon as the theme, allows diners to lie on the cosy flannelette sofa while looking up the night sky as if they are in a foreign country. In the outdoor garden are many leisure rattan tables and chairs, which look particularly gorgeous and romantic under the charming star ceiling lights, making one feel like they are gazing at the moon in the outdoor space.The restaurant is hosted by a hotel-grade chef, providing snacks and main courses by featuring various dishes. J.moon also focuses on its well-crafted cocktails, among which the featuring "J.moon" represents the "moon" before the diners' eyes. Besides "J.moon", the restaurant has meticulously designed the Twelve Zodiac Cocktails.

Cheung Kung Koon

Cheung Kung Koon specializes in authentic Cantonese cuisine and is the hottest place for fine dining in town. Located on the 29th Floor of VPOINT, it features a panorama view overlooking the Victoria Habour, with VIP rooms available for those who prefer a little more privacy. The menu is a mixture of traditional and modern Cantonese dishes, with emphasis on quality, taste and healthiness.

Ryuo restaurant

Ryuo restaurant uses fresh seafood delivered from Japan to Hong Kong every day. The dishes include skewers, sushi, sashimi and fusion cuisine.

DK Cuppa Tea

Solely owned by DK Aromatherapy, a Hong Kong’s Aromatherapy Brand, DK Cuppa Tea is an urban oasis for patrons to relax, rejuvenate and revitalize over a great selection of organic teas and coffees, quick bites and sweet treats. The venue offers workshops and corporate events, as well as private parties catering for client's preference.

Vivienne Westwood Café

The Vivienne Westwood Café on Paterson Street is the first of its kind in Hong Kong. Circling around Vivienne Westwood’s life as a fashion designer in England, the Café’ interior was inspired by a backstage shoot at a Westwood catwalk show, allowing the diners to admire Vivienne Westwood’s creativity and spirit while enjoying the tasty delicacies.


As a Neo Cantonese Restaurant, Threesome serves various dim sum, appetizers, soup, seafood, selected meats, in-season vegetables, rice and noodles, desserts, etc., in a modern interior. The restaurant also provides diners with a fine-dining experience with reserved “Omakase” service. Pre-order of off- menu home-style dishes and delicacies are also available. ​​​​​​​Be it a gathering between family and friends, or a celebration for any special occasion, there will be the right dish for all of you. Also, the Chef is an expert at cooking spicy dishes. Lovers of spicy food can give it a try!