FIAMMA takes its name from the Italian word for 'flame'. FIAMMA's main dining room is dressed in royal blue, oak, vintage-esque tiles, pendant ceiling light fixtures, and coastal Mediterranean décor in brass and black iron. At FIAMMA, the focus is on the action of the restaurant's open kitchen, where the culinary team adds a theatrical touch to the elegant setting.

The restaurant's entrance also features a Grab-n-Go display counter in glass and marble, the ultimate tribute to all the sweet and savoury baked goods that are made on the premises, as well as some of The Peak's best coffee, making FIAMMA ideal for those looking to picnic on the famous Peak Trail.

In addition to the inviting dining room, FIAMMA's sun-kissed alfresco patio is the perfect spot for families and friends to unwind and relax, and to sample from the restaurant's Mediterranean-inspired cocktail menu and extensive Italian wine list.