Duck & Waffle Hong Kong, at the IFC mall, is its first location outside of London. The internationally acclaimed restaurant is committed to serving a creative and inventive menu full of surprises for its guests throughout the day.

The culinary team has created dishes that are only found at the Hong Kong outpost, including the refreshing and tender Grilled Octopus that comes with chorizo, capers and a zesty lemon dressing. Also on the menu is Irish Crab, an indulgent combination of shredded crab meat with nori chips, oyster-infused mayonnaise and seaweed to bring out the impressive ocean freshness. Another Hong Kong-exclusive, Beef Tartare is served with pickled onion, Marmite egg yolk and dripping croutes. A highlight is the infusion of roasted beef fat that gives the tender raw meat an aroma of roast beef.