DALLOYAU is steeped in history as the only maison de gastronomie to serve the Palace of Versailles’ royal court since 1682. Over three centuries ago, Charles Dalloyau began serving the French royal family as Louis XIV’s Officier de Bouche (master cook), a regal honour for the Dalloyau family that continued through the reigns of Louis XV, Marie Antoinette and beyond. Today, DALLOYAU is an esteemed brand with locations all across the world and a rich legacy of 30,000 unique recipes, collected over centuries of culinary excellence. The two DALLOYAU bistros in Hong Kong unveil a more refined and vibrant menu that celebrates quality French living and culinary culture. Featuring a divine selection of classic comfort delights, dairy-free alternatives and iconic French specialties in sharing portions, guests can experience a harmony of timeless techniques, bold creativity, premium ingredients and an incomparable royal legacy of gastronomy without flying to Paris.