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Frequently Asked Question

Each exclusive tasting menu spans for 1 - 3 months. If a menu receives outstanding reactions, we may extend its duration accordingly.

The quantity of covers will be determined upon the following in your tasting menu: the exclusiveness of featured dishes, quality of ingredients used, aesthetic presentation and competitive pricing of the menu. As a result, FeedMe Guru has boosted businesses by 10% - 30% on a monthly basis.

Menus will be promoted on all of our platforms, namely social media, website and mobile app. FeedMe Guru also reinvests a majority of our received commission from partners into paid digital marketing efforts on Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads, etc.

In addition, FeedMe Guru will offer one complimentary tasting for your restaurant with our extensive network of food influences in the city. After the tasting, our marketing team will follow up with each influencer for feedback and provide any necessary additional information for their social media/ online postings.

FeedMe Guru is the ultimate digital platform for users to discover exclusive dining experiences and should not be mistaken as a discount platform. Our tasting menus are priced from HKD 400 or above per person, and may be complemented with beverage pairing options. We encourage partners to set a competitive and reasonable price based upon restaurants’ positioning and other related factors.

You may base the FeedMe Guru menu off of the existing menu. We recommend restaurants to replace certain items with off-menu exclusives or other signature dishes in order to attract customers’ attention and enhance menus’ uniqueness.

FeedMe Guru charges a reasonable commission on the total bill, including beverages, additional à la carte ordered by customers and service charge. Upfront charges are not required.

Most of the commission is reinvested in paid digital marketing undertaken for your restaurant, and is also counted as a success fee.


Restaurants may set capacity limits on certain days deemed busy.

Restaurants can close off a certain day throughout the campaign full booking capacity is reached.

Restaurants may require minimum number of days needed for customers to book in advance.