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The Dreamer Tasting Menu and a complimentary glass of umeshu


Honjo's 'The Dreamer Tasting Menu' features Japanese seasonal delicacies, ranging from hamachi with miso lime dressing, wagyu with chorizo oil and asahi tosazu, USDA prime ribeye and more.

All diners of 'The Dreamer Tasting Menu' can enjoy Honshu Sake Flight (3x100ml sakes) for HK$320 as pairing and finish the dining experience with a complimentary glass of umeshu to pair with the dessert.

An expansive space complete with retro yet contemporary furnishings, Honjo resembles the ideal home of a Japanese dreamer. He indulges in daydreams where he travels the world collecting both priceless artefacts and inspiration from global flavours. From within Honjo, the dreamer constantly finds new ways to breathe life into his beloved pastime, cooking. Fuelled by his passion for food, he experiments with novel ingredients and global recipes, while remaining true to his Japanese heritage through traditional techniques. Guests who enter his vividly coloured and beautifully decorated inner sanctum are indulged with a modern Japanese dining experience. Classic yet forward-looking, Honjo boasts themed rooms that each offer a unique ambiance. Every occasion at Honjo will be an event, inviting guests to return often to see what new flavours and experiences await.

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