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de België Bar & Restaurant

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1. Dine-in offer is not applicable on Friday and Saturday

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Fresh and tender mussels with a subtle taste of sea, perfect in both white wine broth and white sauce, are complemented by crispy fries with sour cream dipping that gives a lighter flavour. Strew Beef carries a tender texture and savor that leaves a lingering sense of relish.

de België Bar & Restaurant, located on 21 Elgin Street Soho, serves more than 160 types of Belgian beers and authentic Belgian cuisine since 2013. Mussels freshly sourced from Europe, traditional Belgian Beef stew and of course, Frites with Mayonnaise. The mission of de België Bar & Restaurant is to present and promote the unique Belgian culture in Hong Kong.

G/F, 21 Elgin Street Soho
Opening Hours
Monday: 15:00-02:00
Tuesday: 15:00-02:00
Wednesday: 15:00-02:00
Thursday: 15:00-02:00
Friday: 15:00-02:00
Saturday: 15:00-02:00
Sunday: 15:00-02:00

Remarks: Opening hours are subject to regulations imposed by the HKSAR Government during the Promotion Period. Details please check with participating restaurants.