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Weekend Weekly Megakill - 金秋蟹宴套餐


新鮮蟹肉入饌 食足8道菜!

花膠松葉蟹羹+清蒸原隻奄仔蟹 最近更推出8道金秋菜蟹宴套餐,以當造的蟹隻入饌,炮製多款鮮蟹中菜式,款式豐富,包括XO醬 藕尖爆桂花蚌、清蒸原隻奄仔蟹等,每道菜皆由新鮮蟹肉製成,肥美飽滿,鮮嫩多汁。由蟹粉鍋巴 拼珊瑚青瓜及白雪紅梅作前菜,前者又感鬆脆,開胃醒神︔後者以蟹肉、蟹膏蒸蛋白,質地滑嫩, 帶淡淡甜味。主菜方面,必食清蒸原隻奄仔蟹,奄仔蟹即是從未交配過的母肉蟹,蟹膏量多飽滿, 呈漂亮金黃色澤,清蒸更能帶出蟹肉的甘香鮮甜,肉質嫩滑,非常滋味。花膠松葉蟹羹同樣推介, 加入了花膠烹調,又感更爽滑,啖啖蟹肉,夠足料。另不能錯過肉蟹八旗泡飯,有蕃茄粒、勝瓜 粒、大頭菜粒、蔥花和草菇粒等材料,又感豐富,湯底則是招牌魚湯,加上新鮮蟹肉熬製,每粒飯 都吸盡湯汁精華,味道濃郁,令人回味。最後來一杯香芒玉露,大滿足!蟹宴套餐原價為$530/ 位,現與《新假期》全新計劃《限時秒殺》合作推出獨家優惠,只需$424/ 位就可食到8道菜,好抵!

Terms and Conditions:

• Subject to 10% service charge based on original price  
• Chinese tea is not included  
• Green crab as replacement once mud crab is out of stock
• Please present the voucher before seated  
• Must purchase the voucher 1 day in advance  
• One voucher per customer and must redeem 2 vouchers required concurrently per table.  
• Changes are not available after purchase  
• This voucher can only be used once and no extension if the voucher is expired
• No refund and are non-exchangeable or redeemable for cash  
• This voucher is valid until 30 Nov 2020  
• Valid for 18:00 to 22:30 from Monday to Sunday, dine-in only
• Offer cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional offers (include member offer)  
• Photos are for reference only  
• Please examine the promotion details with the staff of Kong Fu Zi  
• Subject to change without prior notice  
• In case of any dispute arising out of this promotion, the decision of Kong Fu Zi shall be final and conclusive  

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