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Dynasty Garden

Takeaway for lunch and dinner menu (Monday to Sunday) 30% off

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訂購時間 上午11時 - 晚上9時


午市: 上午11時45分 - 下午2時30分

下午茶:下午2時30分 - 下午5時

晚市: 下午5時 - 晚上9時30分

* 製作時間約20 - 40分鐘 (視乎菜式而定)。

Quality and tradition are the watchwords of this fine Cantonese restaurant devoted to recapturing the era of authentic, affordable Chinese dining. At Dynasty Garden, tables are well spaced in the large, elegant dining room. A row of semi-private dining alcoves leads to five secluded dining suites ideal for large gatherings and private entertaining. A wide selection of over 600 varieties of fine wine is available for food and wine pairing.

1/F, Goldin Financial Global Centre,17 Kai Cheung Road, Kowloon Bay
Opening Hours
Monday: 1130-2230
Tuesday: 1130-2230
Wednesday: 1130-2230
Thursday: 1130-2230
Friday: 1130-2230
Saturday: 1130-2230
Sunday: 1130-2230