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Dynasty Garden

Father's Day Special Menu - Dinner


Where better to celebrate Father's Day than Dynasty Garden, where authentic Cantonese cuisine brings back warm memories of good times spent with dad. Set menus at lunch and dinner on June 20th and 21st showcase old favourites, some with new twists. Six savoury courses at dinner, including double-boiled chicken soup with sea whelk, fish maw and matsutake, steamed garoupa with soya sauce, and crispy chicken with preserved bean curd sauce, are followed by two delectable desserts. Book now for a family meal to treasure!

Home to classic Cantonese cuisine with innovative flourishes, Dynasty Garden brings
time-honoured values of great food, service and conviviality to the fast-developing
Kowloon Bay and Kai Tak neighbourhoods. A gleaming décor, interspersed with works of art, extends throughout the elegant main dining room, cosy semi-private alcoves and five spacious ensuite private dining rooms.

1/F, Goldin Financial Global Centre,17 Kai Cheung Road, Kowloon Bay
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Opening Hours
Monday: 1130-2230
Tuesday: 1130-2230
Wednesday: 1130-2230
Thursday: 1130-2230
Friday: 1130-2230
Saturday: 1130-2230
Sunday: 1130-2230

Reviews from Google (9)

@Pavan Budhrani

"Without doubt the best Peking Duck I have tasted in Hong Kong! Their spin on the traditional sweet and sour pork was tremendous!"

29 Jun 2019

@Jameson Chim

"Deluxe restaurant and fine dinning food"

28 Aug 2019

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