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Lobster Set Menu for 2 - Weekend Weekly Megakill

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【Megakill】 To celebrate "Lobster" as the winning food of Weekend Weekly Food Of The Year 2020, Weekend Weekly Megakill shall launch the third Lobster promotion with the private kitchen "5 Flavours". The lobster package set for 2 includes Frozen French Blue Lobster, Risotto and Lobster Bisque, which can be enjoyed by simply 15-minute heating. The Lobster set for 2 only sells at special price HK$740!!! Please note the shipment with freight shall be collected at the destination upon delivery from customers.*
* The delivery fee varies subject to delivery location.
* The final delivery fee shall be confirmed upon ordering. Fee change applies without prior notice.

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Kowloon: HK$50-70

New Territories: HK$65-115

Hong Kong Island: HK$90-100

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