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The Drunken Pot (Causeway Bay)

Impossible Dim Sum Trail X The Drunken Pot (Causeway Bay)

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Join us for an authentic taste of Hong Kong in Causeway Bay: Impossible Foods collaborates with four local Chinese restaurants to offer a plant-based twist on classic dim sum dishes. 
You are officially invited to taste delicious Impossible dim sum and hotpot dishes to celebrate a more sustainable Chinese New Year!

The name of The Drunken Pot underlines this philosophy, evoking a ‘melting pot’ communal ambience “where different people and ideas get together, often producing something new”. The ‘drunken’ reference also alludes to the inevitable influence of ‘Sake bombs’ in hot pots, and signature house Sake and cocktails as the beverage of choice.

27th floor, 18 Tang Lung St, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong