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Kyoto Joe

「DINE ON」Offers - 15% off on all you can eat sushi menu / all you can eat vegetarian menu


15% off on All you can eat sushi menu / All you can eat vegetarian menu

KYOTO JOE is a long-established Japanese restaurant brand in the dining high-rise in Central continues its commitment to providing food lovers with an authentic all-round gastronomic excursion through an array of creative Japanese dishes and premium sake. Some vegetarian delicacies are also specifically designed for the no-meat urbanites.

23/F California Tower 30-36 D’ Aguilar Street, Lan Kwai Fong, Central, Hong Kong
Opening Hours
Monday: 1130-1430; 1800-2300
Tuesday: 1130-1430; 1800-2300
Wednesday: 1130-1430; 1800-2300
Thursday: 1130-1430; 1800-2300
Friday: 1130-1430; 1800-2300
Saturday: 1200-1500; 1800-2300
Sunday: 1200-1500; 1800-2300