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SakeSundays is here! This event will be a special one as we are debuting the very first of our Social Sunday brunches. And guess what? We have chosen to partner with SakeCentral for this inaugural launch.

Created by an international team spanning across Japan, Europe and North America, the concept underpinning Sake Central is rooted in promoting the sake industry and Japanese culture on a global scale.

But beyond just sake, Sake Central is home to a passionate team of culinary professionals who have created an innovative and seasonal menu of otsumami for their diners to sample along with the sake (of course!).

For the SakeSunday event, Chef Marco will satiate diners with the following menu to go along with two choices of sake on tap.

In an era where smartphone addiction is real, enter Flirtyfridays – a fun social dining concept whereby art and cuisine intertwine to bring together like-minded individuals in a manner that is authentic and convivial. 

Flirtyfridays is about disconnecting from technology (i.e. the smartphone) so that people can connect in real life again and build new, meaningful relationships – all while having fun doing so!

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