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Stellar House

Stellar House Handmade 12-Yolk Mooncake (Limited to 800 pieces)

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Stellar House is proud to present its first mooncake. Handmade in limited batches, the traditional lotus seed paste and dozen salted egg yolks mooncakes are the largest mooncakes you can find in Hong Kong. Using only the best ingredients, Stellar House sources lotus seeds from Hunan and salted duck eggs from Guangdong. The mooncakes have the perfect ratio between lotus seed paste and egg yolk, sweet and savoury bliss in every bite.

Self-pick up at Stellar House only: 
3/F, Chuang’s Enterprises Building, 382 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, H.K

Stellar House is proud to present authentic, traditional Cantonese recipes in a modern and comfortable dining experience. Enjoy the rich flavours of nostalgia and history, perfected by decades of practice and skills. Stellar House is created by Adrian Cheung and Chef Chan Yat Sang, bringing modernity and tradition together for the public to experience and remember authentic Cantonese dishes previously locked away in private members clubs. Adrian Cheung brings his love for food to the tables of Stellar House, having left his law career to pursue his dream of keeping traditional Cantonese cuisine alive and cooking in the younger generation. Adrian believes that a day’s schedule should revolve around food, and is proud to present a banquet-style dining experience for families and friends to share and love.

With a fine reputation and wide culinary repertoire, honed by over 30 decades of experience and tradition, Chef Yat-Sang Chan creates outstanding traditional Cantonese dishes. Formerly at the helm of Shun Tak Fraternal Association, a private member’s club, Chef Chan shares his extensive expertise to make private dishes public again. Together, Adrian Cheung and Chef Chan are working together to bring a breath of fresh air back to Hong Kong’s culinary heritage.

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