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Tycoon Tann

8-course Art-Inspired Tasting Menu


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Hong Kong’s flourishing art scene comes to live in March every year. Residing on Wellington Street in Central, Tycoon Tann proudly announces its upcoming art exhibition “Her Sense, Her Philosophy” with local emerging artist Liane Chu from today to 31 May 2019. Celebrating the roots of Hong Kong’s culture through dining and art, Tycoon Tann invites all guests to revel in the art exhibition, creative cocktails and specially crafted 8-course art-inspired tasting menu to kick off art month.

Inspired by Liane’s works, Tycoon Tann is delighted to present diners with an art-inspired 8-course tasting menu. With three new art-themed dishes, Tycoon Tann x Liane Chu “Her Sense, Her Philosophy” Art Inspired Tasting Menu (Minimum for two persons, HKD 888 per person) will be available from 11 March to 31 May, providing a gastronomic journey of visual and taste sensations.  Start with “Drizzles in Spring,” a beautiful Appetizers Platter combined with Liane’s art piece as the plating to whet the palate.  Savour our range of signature dishes especially the main course, “Ascending Feilai Peak” (Slow-Roasted US Angus Beef Short Rib with Honey Sauce) invites all guests to stimulate creativity and paint with honey sauce while enjoying the tender slow-roasted US Angus Beef Short Rib, will be the highlight of the night. Last but not least, “Fly High” (Tycoon Tann Dessert Duet – Coconut and Green Tea Chilled Pudding) is a pudding dessert delivering a message of hope will be the perfect finale of the art-inspired dining experience.

Tycoon Tann, a three-storied lifestyle destination celebrates the roots of Hong Kong’s culture through food, drinks and art. Starting on street level at Mod Bar, patrons can enjoy a selection of East meets West bar snacks and creative cocktails made with Chinese ingredients such as Chinese tea, lemongrass and Moutai. A contemporary artsy restaurant set with China’s avant-garde style on ​​​​​​​first floor and ambiance of the Shanghai French Concession era on second floor bringing you traditional Chinese cuisine with an inventive twist and a whole new Chinese dining experience. 

G/F & 2/F, Ming Fat Bldg, 74 Wellington St, Central
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