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Cookie DPT

Fresh American homestyle cookies


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Chewy and gooey on the inside, warm and crisp on the outside- that’s how a cookie should be. But when you live in Hong Kong, where exactly do you find a cookie like that. Cookie Department will be your new remedy. Having found a cult-following in Taipei where it was an accessory to coffee, Cookie Department will be your new one-stop shop for fresh American homestyle cookies. After trying cookies here, you’ll understand exactly why they have a cult following.

The idea of offering cookies started out as a necessity. Not being able to find a store offering simple American-style cookies in Taipei that Wil could find at any corner bakery in NYC, Wil began baking cookies himself. Atypical to the crispy cookies of Asia, Wil preferred his cookies crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. He shared his home creations first with family, then with friends, and eventually, the demand for his cookies made Wil realize that maybe he should offer them in his coffee shop in Taipei (Coffee Department). This became a huge success, and Wil knew that there was a place in the market for his cookies.

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Hong Kong Inspirations:
Moving to Hong Kong and noticing the same gap in the market for American homestyle cookies, Wil is looking to establish his first cookie-centric store. A city full of dining options, Hong Kong surprisingly has very few places to get western style cookies. With the ubiquitous MTR-station-based Mrs Fields being the go-to cookie joint, you can understand why Hong Kong needs Cookie Department. His cookies are not meant to be lavish sweets that Hong Kongers are accustomed to but instead are supposed to be no-fuss-delicious cookies. With traditional flavours from chocolate chip, double chocolate, and oatmeal raisin cookies Wil has already begun innovating with new flavours such as white chocolate matcha, and potentially a mooncake flavoured cookie as well to suit the diverse palate of Hong Kongers.

Delivery available for Hong Kong Island & Kowloon only.

Wil Fang grew up close to New York and started his career in the fashion industry working for Ralph Lauren, which eventually brought him over to Asia in first Shanghai. After a few years, Wil decided to start his own venture in Taipei, which would become the well-known lifestyle store, Department (DPT), located in the artistic playground of Huashan. He then constructed a coffee corner in his store, logically coined as “Coffee DPT.” Coffee DPT would soon become his passion where he offered his American homestyle cookies as well as many other small bites. Wil is now taking on the hyper-competitive Hong Kong market with his cookies, and will be following the pattern and calling it “Cookie DPT.”

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