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Casa Lisboa

7-course “Taste of Lusitania” menu


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Macau’s background as a Portuguese colony should be no secret to anyone in Hong Kong. But in fact, there are many other places besides Macau that were once colonised by Portugal, such as Goa in
India, Brazil in South American as well as, Angola and Mozambique, in Africa.

Portugal began establishing colonies in the 15 th century. As it did so, it brought new cooking techniques, recipes and culinary culture into the colonised states. There they blended with the local cultures and, over a long period of time and change, evolved to create distinctive regional delicacies.

Drawing inspiration from the specialities of five of Portugal’s former colonies and two of its overseas provinces, a contemporary  Portuguese restaurant, Casa Lisboa, has designed this 7-course “Taste of Lusitania” menu ($580 per head, including a welcome cocktail), fusing the essence of Portuguese cuisine with our own contemporary style. Casa Lisboa presents regional dishes that would rarely be found here in Hong Kong.

Casa Lisboa is recognized as one of the best authentic Portuguese restaurant in the town. Casa Lisboa grandly opened in mid-2010, which is quickly recognized as one of the best authentic Portuguese restaurant in the town. The menu of Casa Lisboa displays a delicate understanding of flavours ensuring traditional Portuguese dishes are resurrected with a creative touch to arouse new delight to our patrons. The stylish yet cosy setting makes it an ideal venue ideal for both business dining or special occasions from large groups down to couples.

2/F, Parekh House, 63 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong
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