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ITA – DAKI – MAS Guest Chef dinner - 6-course dinner menu


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Guest Chef Taku Tabuchi and sommelier Seju Yang will be present at WHISK exclusively on June 8 & 9,
6:30 pm10 pm, while the menu remains available for tasting until 23 June, Mon-Sat only, at dinner.

Progressive Italian flair honed across restaurants in Europe and brought back to the gourmet capital of Japan, Tokyo, makes accomplished Chef Taku Tabuchi stand in the limelight at his modernist restaurant S’accapau where a gleaming bar with original wines is the focal point. Coming to The Mira Hong Kong’s ingredient-driven restaurant WHISK as part of the Fine Dining Lovers Guest Chef Series by S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna for a 2-night gourmet event on June 8 & 9 along with an exceptional sommelier, Seju, Chef Taku brings a dinner menu of richly creative dishes that originate from Italian cuisine expressing the “here and now” in a highly conceptual fashion.

Creative Italian cuisine matched with naturally crafted wines is at the core of the latest project of Chef Taku. A space for enjoying the present moment and local ingredients, S’accapau spruced from the cuisines and the cultural backgrounds of Japan and Italy with a global perspective. Its culinary creations are crafted with a range of techniques by a masterful chef whose skills were acquired through overseas experience and whose creations are accompanied by wines carefully selected by connoisseurs.

In Hong Kong, for 2 nights only, Chef Taku will demonstrate his skills in a 6-course dinner menu featuring both Japanese and Italian ingredients, such as delicate yellowtail with fennel and flowers; a trio of slider, Sicilian baked rice ball (arancino) with Emilia-Romagna’s popular griddled flatbread (piadina); as well as a summer flounder with classic Italian sausage, fresh summery Sicilian pesto Trapanese and snap peas. His fregola with flying squid, sea urchin, white shrimp, and Asari clams and mussels are a perfect example of Mediterranean and Japanese cooking styles married together.

The handpicked selection of wine pairings to complement the original menu includes boutique picks such as a gently green, flinty and refreshing Schloss Johannisberg, Gelblack Feinherb Riesling from Rheingau to match the pure and herbaceous notes of the yellowtail tartare starter, as well as an interesting choice of sake. Modern Senkin Yamadanishiki, for instance, comes from a young sake master brewer, an 11th generation heir to a company founded in 1806, who pushes the complex production process to a next level inspired by the French wine term of “Domaine” by also controlling the cultivation of its own rice. The grain grows organically in the paddies belonging to the brewery on the brewery stock water thus assuring the quality and taste of the hand-produced sake is of a matchless standard.

WHISK is an ingredient-focused restaurant in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui where friends and families can share the pleasure of simple contemporary Western cuisine revolving around quality meats, fish and eclectic wines served in a relaxed, modern setting. At WHISK, cooking is delivered with clarity and designed to satisfy the daily cravings with the best produce sourced from around the world. From award-winning Australian Wagyu beef and Japanese Yamato pork to jumbo scallops of the cool North Atlantic and in-house dry-aged Tomahawk, top quality ingredients are carefully prepared in a way to let the beautiful seafood and meat shine through.

5/F, The Mira Hong Kong, Mira Place, 118 - 130 Nathan Rd, TST
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