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Dacha is a country house. Family owned and run, cozy restaurant in the heart of Soho. Dacha is a relaxed and casual concept with a  retro look. Black- and-white family photos from the past, a samorar and shiny polished crystal glasses. Everyone is welcome as a dear guest at our home. The caring family is doing their magic in the kitchen- putting a lot of soul into their culinary treats. 

We are welcoming you to our "Home away from Home".

This Hollywood Road eatery prides itself on its small menu that’s devoted to Eastern European comfort food.

It’s often the highlight of food travel shows when the local guide takes the host to a tucked away local joint. You know, the little family run restaurant only true foodies know of, that’s been around for years, generations even. We all have our own favourite traditional eateries in Hong Kong – the one with the best char siu, egg tart or pineapple bun that’s perenially under threat of, if not already succumbed to, closure due to steeply rising rent. In a strange occurrence of simulacra, polish eatery Dacha emanates a similar nostalgic vibe – though more for those who’ve spent time in cities like Chicago or Pittsburgh, with their solid Polish communities. 


G/F, 38-40 Hollywood Road, Soho, Central