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Café Crêpe

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Lunch Set:
Cafe Crepe Hong Kong Special Set Lunch 2- Course Menu

Add-on items :

  1. Original Sweet + $39
  2. Nutella + $55

About Café Crêpe:

With its traditional classic European styled decor, Café Crêpe offers delightful Parisian crêpe recipes unique to Hong Kong.

Originally from Vancouver, Canada in 1999, Café Crêpe takes it's first step into Asia with Hong Kong being the chosen destination. Marking it's 8th location world wide, Café Crêpe delivers quality food with dedicated service that will make you wanting to come back for more. Whether you want to try our signature savoury crêpes, or indulge in our heavenly sweet crêpes, or our extended all day breakfast, lunch menu and dinner menu, Café Crêpe has a wide selection to meet your taste buds.

Café Crêpe is the international crêperie leader. We recognize our employees are critical to our continued success. Our reputation for outstanding crêpes and customer service is the direct result of our combined efforts. How we conduct business and how we treat our co-workers, customers and one another will continue to determine how our community views Café Crêpe. As team members, we are personally responsible for supporting these values with conduct in accordance with governing laws and ethical practices. As we continue to grow as a company, our policies will help to ensure that our core values are being reflected in each of our stores.


15B Wellington St, Central