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Ginspiration: Gin Workshop


Date & Time of Workshop:
13 April 2018, 7:30 PM to 9.30 PM

In case you haven’t noticed, gin is “in”! But breaking with tradition, the array of contemporary styles are truly mind-boggling. Tune your taste buds to today’s trending gins, with a ginspirational workshop hosted by Steven Beerens. Touch, smell, and taste the raw ingredients, learn to identify and appreciate different styles, and up your gin IQ with key facts about how gin is made. We’ll then mix it up with a mixology session, where you’ll experiment with different gin and tonics and finish with a cocktail making session. A workshop to have you ginning, from ear to ear!


  • Kyrö Distillery Napue Rye Gin

  • Kyrö Distillery Koskue Rye Gin-Barrel Aged

  • Beveland Distillers Mayfair London Dry Gin

  • Archie Rose Distillers Strength Gin

  • Kangaroo Island Distillery Old Tom Gin

  • Southern Cross Gin

  • Norrtelje Brenneri Roslags Gin Eko


  • Traditional Indian Tonic Water

  • Ekobryggeriet Nordic Organic Tonic Water, Rhubarb

  • Ekobryggeriet Nordic Organic Tonic Water, Elder Flower

  • Ekobryggeriet Nordic Organic Tonic Water, Spruce Shoots


Steven Beerens – Brand Ambassador (Hong Kong SAR and Macau), Kyrö Distillery Company

As a Dutch national, with Chinese citizenship and an Australian education, many wonder how Steven ended up behind the bar, let alone representing a Finnish gin company! His passion is clearly in his blood, being a 3rd-generation Beerens to work in the alcoholic beverage industry. Steven’s key achievements include creating a handful of culturally themed cocktail menus, being the tallest bartender in Hong Kong, and making Margot Robbie laugh with a signature cocktail.


1 Educational cue card (Worth HKD 180) OR
1 Set of chic bottle tag (Worth HKD 150)