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Hong Kong First World Best Chef Sustainable Table

10-Course Wellness Sustainable Dinner by TEN Starred Chefs

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We are what we eat. Needless to say and prove, food choices affect our health. But the true meaning behind good food is beyond its health benefits. Good food should be produced, processed, bought, sold, cooked and eaten in ways that provide social benefits, contributing to enhance the health and variety of both plants and animals, protect natural resources such as water and soil, and help to tackle climate change. So the concept behind good food is wholesome human wellness, bring wellness to its fullest, making wellness sustainable.

Food Medicine Lab, being the creditable food and health healing hub, is proud to present "World Best Chef Sustainable Table 2018". Complementing our mission of "sustainability & wellness", prestigious celebrity chefs from Europe and local gastronomic scene are once invited to work their magical hands on a variety of sustainable food ingredients, bringing a distinctive gastronomic experience to Hong Kong foodie who concerns not just the taste, but the way how the food is grown, raised, prepared and cooked.

Hong Kong First World Best Chef Sustainable Kitchen will be pop up into Hong Kong this month. TEN World Best Chefs will join forces the third week of March to host a #World Best Chef Sustainable Table with a pop-up restaurant built in one of the Hong Kong most heritage building Kowloon Bowling Green Club built in 1900. A charitable feast featuring a 10-course wellness sustainable dinner will be prepared, tickets are now available at the following links.

This bi-yearly World Best Chef Sustainable Table chef dinner was launched in 2016 as a way to raise awareness of food sustainability and encourage citizen to start the sustainable diet change. The banquet will be a night to remember with a brand new dining concept bring health and wellness to the table by carefully picked sustainable food ingredients with the finest cooking skills by chefs.

Throughout the week, all Michelin starred chefs and the Founding President of HKSMP will be visiting the Food Angel Kitchen to provide free consultancy services to join their expertise in lifting the health, wellness and taste for the needed people. In addition, findings and survey studies related to the current diet of HKers will be unveiled. Stay tuned.

Guests will be able to enjoy their exclusive dishes prepared by: some of the best chefs in the world, including Sayan Isaksson, the Best Restaurant in Nordic countries and chef in charge of Nobel Banquet, Ebbe Vollmer, the first 2 Michelin starred chef in Malmo and No.39 on World's 50 Best Restaurants and No. 4 in the Miele Food Guide , Filip Langhoff, the Best Restaurant in Finland and TV celebrity chef, Jacob Holmström, starred chef in Sweden that Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt love to eat and invited Hillary Clinton to taste, Jonas Lundgren, Silver medal in Bocuse d'Or, World Championship, Kirk Westway, winner of the San Pellegrino Young Chef 2015, Lai Yau Tim, iconic starred Cantonese masterchef in Hong Kong & Macau, Mikael Svensson, rankad top 100 among chefs at the internationella Best Chef Awards 2017, René Mammen, starred chef in Denmark focus on ecology and local produce, and Sir Yeung Koon Yat, the first chef to obtain the highest honour of Club des Chefs des Chefs (CCC) Award.

The Hong Kong Society of Medical Professionals (HKSMP) and Food Angel, a sustainable Food Rescue & Food Assistance Program, are named as the beneficiary where proceeds from the ticket sales and charity sales after deducted cost will be donated to the beneficial organisations to continue their education and practical wellness sustainable programme to influence more chefs and citizens to be aware of the health sustainable issues (by over-processed by adding hormone, antibiotics and chemical added into foods) and encourage to make a sustainable diet change now for better human's health and planet. "Through right ways of cooking, changing the recipes by picking the right ingredients with the right portion, we will make a big difference to human health and planet," Dr Bernard Kong, Founding President The Hong Kong Society of Medical Professionals said.

Tickets to the World Best Chef Sustainable Table 2018 charity banquet is priced at HK$13,888 per person including a ten-course meal with sustainable wines and drinks. Tickets for the 23rd Mar 7pm "World Best Chef Sustainable Table 2018" dinner event can be purchased at:

Individual Ticket at HK$13,888

Half Table of 6 Tickets at HK$80,000

One Table of 12 Tickets at HK$133,338

All the world best starred celebrity chefs, are all ready to roll up their sleeves to bring awareness to the Hong Kong food scene, the importance of sustainable food, by using only ingredients from trusted food supplies from healthy, safe and sustainable source. Please join us, to start cook at home, and dining out by picking, eating and cooking right with clean & tasty food that would sustain your health and environment!

The Hong Kong Society of Medical Professionals (HKSMP) is established in 2008. HKSMP is founded by a group of medical professionals residing and practicing in Hong Kong who have a heart to build a better society in terms of putting our effort together in helping the poor, under-privileged, socially deprived and the needy both locally and in China. We are pro-environmental and especially concern about food sustainability. In May 2016, HKSMP presented the very first "Sustainable Table" in Hong Kong with Sponge Creation Lab to invite 7 World Best Starred Chefs around the world and 2 leading starred chefs from Hong Kong to promote Sustainable Food and we donate the raised fund to World Wide Fund HK to produce a sustainable food guide to let HKers know where they can have a choice of sustainable food in retail / restaurant in Hong Kong as well as introducing the concept of sustainable food to local restaurants and home dining. This platform also brings a group of medical professionals together to share our views on matters relating to the well being (health) of Hong Kong community through our programs on education, health screening and free medical consultation. This year 2018 celebrates the 10th Anniversary of HKSMP.

About Food Angel

Food Angel is a sustainable Food Rescue & Food Assistance Program launched by the Bo Charity Foundation in 2011 with the ultimate goal of achieving "Waste Not, Hunger Not, With Love".

The Food Angel team has been in effort to rescue edible surplus food from the local food industry. Following a set of strict food safety protocols, the rescued food items are then prepared into nutritious hot meals and food packs in our two central kitchens and redistributed to the deprived communities across Hong Kong free of charge by our logistics team.

Today, we serve 7,000 hot meals & 1,000 food packs daily to people in need of food assistance and rescue 4,000 kg surplus food from going to our landfills every day.

About Food Medicine Lab

Our founder team members have been providing consultancy services in health and culinary fields for years. Well connected with the world best starred chefs as well as many leading and passionate medical professional doctors and professors, being a strategist to provide consultancy services to many world leading nutrition and pharmaceutical companies including Pfizer, Bayer, Lunbeck and many more. By considering more and more life threatening diseases were found in much younger age now in Hong Kong due to improper processed hormone and pesticide added diets that they ate every day, Food Medicine Lab was established to promote and educate HKers to eat right sustainably and committed to offer total sustainable diet solutions and health monitoring programmes to help and support patients and carer with cancer, cardiovascular, stroked, depressed patients to recover and to minimise the risks of having those diseases.

List of our World Best Chefs

Ebbe Vollmer

For Ebbe, his professional life began at Grandma's hostelry but soon took a more international turn, when he played a vital role in a number of famous restaurants as celebrity chefs. Ebbe was a sojourns at Marco Pierre White's Harvey's and Gordon Ramsey's three Michelin starred Gordon Ramsay at Royal Hospital Road, both in London. Several more years of culinary travels, during his work among other places, Ebbe as Head Chef at Jaan in Singapore, guided the restaurant to No.39 on S. Pellegrino's list of the World's 50 Best Restaurants and to No. 4 of the Asia's Top Restaurant by The Miele Guide 2010/2011. He converged once more with his brother in Malmö in the summer of 2011, turning their dream into reality by jointly owning their restaurant. Taking the experiences, feelings and flavours of grandma's hostelry as their role model, topped with a modern touch and slightly more refined cooking methods make their way to success. Ebbe, the 2 Michelin starred chef of Vollmer, is a passionate leader and facilitator who always tries his best to encourage cross over among different culinary cultures from west to east and from east to west by forming different types of chef dinners and exchanges around the globe.

Filip Langhoff

Filip started his professional career studying at the restaurant school at the age of 15. Upon graduating in 1999 he moved abroad. Filip has gadded his experience at several renowned restaurants around Europe. To name a few. Edsbacka krog (2 Michelin stars) in Sweden and Comerc24 (1 Michelin stars) and El Bulli (3 Michelin stars) in Spain. The most important was his 5 years as Head Chef at Spisestedet Feinschmecker (1 Michelin stars) in Oslo. When he got an offer to become Head Chef at Chez Dominique (2 Michelin stars) Filip and his family decided to move back to Finland. In August 2012 he opened restaurant Ask, together with his wife and sommelier Linda Stenman-Langhoff. The produce is sourced from small local, organic and biodynamic farms. The menu has an extreme focus on local seasons and you will always find local game and wild fish.

In 2014 Restaurant Ask was voted the Restaurant of the year 2014 in Finland, making Helsinki a destination for gourmet travellers. In 2015 Filip and Linda produced a 13 episode Cooking show named Från Jord till Bord (From Earth to Table) it's a TV show aired in Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. The show Is about the fantastic local organic produce. The White Guide Nordic has included Restaurant Ask since 2015 and the renowned guide named restaurant Ask best in Finland 2017 and 2018.

Jacob Holmström

Jacob was sous chef at Restaurant Mathias Dahlgren in Stockholm where he was responsible for both of their restaurants: Matbaren (*) and Matsalen (**) during four years. Previous to that he was sous chef at L'Astrance (***) in Paris for two years as well as Bagatelle (**) in Oslo, Norway. Jacob was practically born in the kitchen, his father was a chef in southern Sweden and that's where he grew up. After working at various restaurants in Sweden and abroad he teamed up with Anton Bjuhr and opened Gastrologik.

Jacob work uniquely with Swedish ingredients produced nearby. The guiding philosophy at Gastrologik is close cooperation with their producers and focus on ingredients. He like to surprise and delight our guests and place as much effort into sourcing great ingredients as we do into refining them in the kitchen. Jacob believes a yellow onion has as much value as a truffle, for each has a unique, interesting and evolving character. Staying tuned to season changes and deciding how to adapt to the ingredients makes it possible to craft what Jacob and his team believe is the best possible menu every night. This lies at the heart of our approach to cooking. Therefore, in a way, it is the producers and not the chefs, who are deciding what is on the menu day by day in Gastrologik. All the hallmarks of modern Scandinavian cooking are present and correct at Gastrologik, from foraged herbs and fermented fish to minimalist design and interesting wines. The former Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt took Hillary Clinton to Gastrologik when she visited Stockholm Sweden.

Jonas Lundgren

Jonas was awarded with a Silver medal in Bocuse d'Or, World Championship, 2009 in Lyon, France ( and is the former Vice president Bocuse d'Or Winners Academy ( Jonas have worked at two starred The Square in London, three starred Pierre Gagnaire in Paris, and the three starred The French Laundry in Napa Valley California (***), as well as the two starred Swissotel the Stamford in Singapore, and Bagatelle (**) as Executive chef in Oslo for more than 4 years. Jonas Lundgren was awarded with a Silver medal in Bocuse d'Or World Championship 2009 in Lyon, France ( Jonas have worked at two starred The Square in London, three starred Pierre Gagnaire in Paris, and the three starred The French Laundry in Napa Valley California (***), as well as the 5-star luxury Swissotel the Stamford in Singapore, and Bagatelle (**) as Executive chef in Oslo for more than 4 years. Jonas is founder of Jonas fitness food "Good life", Tasty Food with a focus on health and environment and also regularly doing national tv shows often focusing on healthy food and local farming. Jonas is also LIC personal trainer and his latest 2 healthy cookbooks is Jonas Paleo kitchen and Eat train Eat.

Kirk Westway

Kirk Westway, is the winner of the San Pellegrino Young Chef 2015 in Southeast Asia, beating nine of the region's best to win the coveted title. An English chef who has worked in France, Australia and much of South America (Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador), Kirk now heads a Michelin starred French restaurant in Singapore, and recently won a prized culinary award for a dish incorporating Asian ingredients. Being the Chef de cuisine of JAAN, Krik Westaway, Kirk could not be more cosmopolitan. Kirk has also earned his chops at some of the best restaurants in the world - 3AA Rosettes Michelin-rated Patterson's Restaurant Mayfair, London; 4AA Rosettes, Michelin-starred Greenhouse Restaurant Mayfair, London; D.O.M, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, currently ranked 16th on The World's Best Restaurants 2017; and Daniel Boulud's eponymous two Michelin star restaurant in New York.

Lai Yau Tim

Chef Lai is the founder and director of culinary director of Tim's Kitchen. Chef LAI is the founder and culinary director of Tim's Kitchen. He started his culinary career at age 17 and was mentored by the legendary Cantonese masterchef LEE Choi, whose most famous dishes include Supreme Snake Bisque and other Cantonese delicacies. LAI and his family open Tim's Kitchen in 2000. In 2007, Dr. Stanley Ho and Ms. Angela Leong invited LAI to open Tim's Kitchen at the Hotel Lisboa in Macau. In 2011, both Tim's Kitchen Hong Kong and Macau received two Michelin-stars. Tim's Kitchen in Macau has been awarded as Michelin starred restaurant by the MICHELIN Guide Hong Kong and Macau from 2009 till now. In 2009, LAI was named 'International Master Chef for Chinese Cuisine' by the World Association of Chinese Cuisine. In 2010, He was invited by the World Gourmet Summit in Singapore as a Master chef and he presented an Epicurean Delights menu at The China Club Singapore. In 2011, He was invited by Hong Kong Tourism Board to do a promotion for Hong Kong cuisine, collaborated with Michelin two stars chef Tim Raue in Berlin and Michelin three stars chef Pierre Gagnaire in Paris. In 2013, he was awarded 'Asian Cuisine Chef of the Year (Regional)' by Award of Excellence in Singapore. In 2015, he was invited by San Sebastian Gastronomika, Spain as a masterchef, introduce traditional Cantonese cuisine.

Mikael Svensson

Mikael Svensson, founder and chef of Restaurang Kontrast in Oslo. Mikael Svensson's restaurant, Kontrast, was awarded Michelin star in the Michelin Nordic Guide 2016. Kontrast is dedicated to using local ingredients to create modern dishes inspired by both nature and history. Racking up several prominent gigs throughout Europe early in his career, Mikael Svensson opened Kontrast in Oslo, Norway, to fulfil his biggest dream since becoming a chef. Kontrast focuses on sourcing the best seasonally available organic, sustainable wild fare and produce, to develop a new take on modern Norwegian/Scandinavian cuisine. Prior to open Kontrast, he worked in Canard" Oslo 1 star, "28+" Gothenburg 1 star, Martin Berasetagui" Lasarte, Spain 3 stars and "Restaurante Quique Dacosta" Spain 3 star

Kontrast has been starred Michelin since 2016 and ranked as no. 20 among restaurant in Scandinavia according to White guide. Kontrast is also one of only 3 restaurants in Norway and one of few that is ranked in OAD-European Top 200. Mikael is also ranked top 100 among chefs at the Internationella Best Chef Awards 2017.

René Mammen

Restaurateur, chef and waiter are some of the many things you can call René Mammen, who is also the owner of Restaurant Substans and Restaurant Pondus, which has a Bib Gourmand in Denmark. At his restaurants, they strive to use the season's best resources, following the season and focus on ecology and local produce. Get ready to hear him telling how he uses the seasonal source, where to and when he has found the right ingredients. René Mammen also has a lot of insights of how to inexpensively incorporate Michelin quality and Nordic gourmet style into your home cooking.

Sayan Isaksson

Sayan is the Owner and Executive Chef of the Esperanto Group, which was rated as the Best Restaurant in White Guide Nordic 2017 and 2016. Sayan led Esperanto garnered the title "Restaurant of the year -- gastronomy" in 2016 with a food score of 40/40 -- the highest food rating White Guide have ever awarded. Chef Sayan was awarded the title "Chef of the Chefs" in 2014 and also a member of the Swedish National Culinary Team winning the Gold Medal in the Culinary World Cup in Luxembourg 2002 and overall Winner and Gold Medal in the World Culinary Olympics in Erfurt 2004. Sayan led Esperanto garnered the title "Restaurant of the year -- gastronomy" in 2016 with a food score of 40/40 -- the highest food rating White Guide have ever awarded. This made Esperanto no 1 in the Nordic Countries, according to White Guide Nordic 2017. In the years 2016 and 2015 Sayan Isaksson had the honour of being in charge of the Nobel Banquet (the menus can be seen at: and is sure to wow guests at our event.

Yeung Koon Yat and Adam Wong Lung-to

Mr YEUNG Koon-yat is an internationally acclaimed restaurateur. He is the founder and Master Chef of the two Michelin starred Forum Restaurant. Widely known as the "Abalone King", Mr Yeung is an expert in abalone dishes and possesses more than 60 years of experience in Chinese cuisine. He has won numerous international awards, including the Club des Chefs des Chefs (CCC) Gold Award in 1996 and was the first chef to obtain the highest honour of CCC in 2009. He was also awarded the "Star of Excellence" from La Chaine des Rotisseurs, "One of the Top Eight Chefs in the World", "Acedemie Culinaire de France" in France and Honorary Chinese Cuisine Euro Toques President of Asia. He was also awarded the Knight of the order of the Agriculture Merite, Chevalier De L'ordre Du Merite Agricole, and "Grand Lifetime Achievement Award" by the China Hotel Association. Mr Yeung is enthusiastic in enhancing industry standards and encouraging youngsters to pursue their careers in Chinese cuisine.The award-winning chef is a World Master of Culinary Arts and belongs to the ex-clusive Club des Chefs des Chefs d'Etat, whose members are chefs who cook for heads of state. Adam Wong Lung-to is the Forum's deputy executive chef who is also Yeung's last protege. He has worked for Yeung for over 25 years, starting as a kitchen boy at the age of 23. Over the past decade, he's accompanied the master all along on his chef's tours.