How to make a reservation?

You can complete your booking on FeedMe Guru with only 3 steps - Pick your booking date and time, confirm your contact details and select your payment method. You would receive a confirmation email after placing your reservation.

How to modify your reservation?

To modify your booking, you may click the link in the confirmation email we sent you after you've placed your booking. You may also modify your booking via and modify your booking.

How to cancel your reservation?

To cancel your booking, you may click the link in the confirmation email we sent after you've placed your booking. You may also cancel your booking via and cancel your booking

How do I rate & write review?

We look forward to hearing from you about your dining experience, and would ask for the rating of your dining experience via email after your meal. You are also welcome to contact us via should you have any other comments or suggestions.

What is $5 pre-authorization fee?

If you selected "Secured FeedMe Payment", we would place a pre-authorization on your credit card just to make sure your credit card is valid. We will release the pre-authorization and we would only charge your credit card after your meal.

When will final payment be charged?

Your credit card would be charged the next day after your meal. If you have any questions regarding the amount, please contact us at

How to determine my final bill?

You can order à la carte and drinks when you are enjoying your tasting menu and the final price will be displayed on the bill after you finished the meal.

How to use promo code?

When booking your next meal with FeedMe Guru, you may choose to apply your promo code for your booking. Please kindly note that promo code is only applicable when you select 'Secured FeedMe Payment'.

Why I can't apply my promo code?

Promo code could only be applied to restaurants that accept "Secured FeedMe Payment". Unfortunately, some restaurants do not support "Secured FeedMe Payment" service.

Need Help?

Let us know if you need any help or recommendation, our office hour is Monday - Friday 9am - 7pm but feel free to email or message us via Facebook anytime.