by FeedMe Guru on Sep 9, 2021

Popular festive food to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival in Asia

Popular festive food to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival in Asia

The Mid-Autumn Festival is fast approaching. Are you ready to celebrate with your family? Besides mooncakes, let’s explore more about different Mid-Autumn Festival traditional food in other Asian countries!


  1. Japan - Dango

During ‘Jyugoya’, the night of full moon, the Japanese usually prepare ‘Dango’ to pray for good harvest for the year.

The moon-shaped ‘Dango’ is made from rice flour (Joshinko) that gives it a chewy and bouncy texture, tastes just like sweet rice. 

Some region-specific versions of ‘Dango’ use other different ingredients. For example, ‘Kansai’-style ‘Dango’ is usually served with red bean paste, while ‘Nagoya’-style ‘Dango’ is usually tri-colored.

2. Korea - Songpyeon

‘Songpyeon’ (송편) is a traditional Mid-Autumn Festival delicacy in Korea that is made of Glutinous rice flour. Filled with soybeans, red beans or chestnuts, and steamed over a layer of pine needles, it carries a distinctive taste with fresh pine tree flavor. 

During the festive season, Korean families will gather around to enjoy traditional food such as ‘Songpyeon’, Korean pancakes and rice wines. 


3. Vietnam - Vietnam mooncake (Bánh Trung Thu)

In Vietnam, enjoying mooncakes and hot tea with family is the best part of the Mid-Autumn Festival. 

There are two main types of ‘Bánh Trung Thu’ to represent two sides of ‘Yin’ and ‘Yang’, which are golden baked mooncakes and soft sticky rice mooncakes. The ingredients of the golden baked one include lime leaves, smoked sausage, melon seeds with egg yolk, green bean paste or lotus seeds filling.

​​​​​​​After reading the article, which country’s traditional Mid-Autumn Festival food attracts you most?