by FeedMe Guru on Aug 5, 2021

Let’s celebrate National Oyster Day today!

It’s National Oyster Day today! 🤩 Plump and juicy oysters are always irresistible. If you are an oyster lover, you should take the opportunity to know more about oysters on this special day!

Should we drink the ocean water inside oysters?

The water quality of oyster farms is under good control and oysters serve as "ocean's kidney" to filter water naturally. So we can definitely drink the ocean water while eating the oysters to savour the freshness of the sea! YumYum! 🤤

{$image_alt}Are Oysters good for your health? 

Oyster is very nutritious💪🏻, packing with vitamins A, C, D, B-12, zinc, iron, and selenium minerals. This makes oysters the perfect choice when you are looking for a delicious & healthy meal~

{$image_alt}Oysters can only be paired with white wine?

White wine is always the perfect match for oysters 🥂 given the acidity of it can neutralize the fishy taste of oysters and bring out the umami. If you feel like an even more refreshing combo, the bubbly champagne can also be perfectly paired with oysters as well!

{$image_alt}Let’s celebrate National Oyster Day together!

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