by Khulan on Mar 16, 2018

Quick Guide to Art Events in Hong Kong

Quick Guide to Art Events in Hong Kong

Art often provokes, satisfies, and makes us feel ever so alive. With this many amazing art events that will be happening around Hong Kong, there will be no shortage of entertainment during this art season. Want to be inspired? Keep reading and discover the amazing events that will be coming your way!

1. Art Basel

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Discover your passion for art at Art Basel! Art Basel features the latest edition of 248 premier galleries originating from 32 countries. The artworks featured will be the creation of both established and emerging artists, providing an overview of each specific region’s diversity. Influential galleries from around the world will also be showcasing their highest quality of modern and contemporary artworks.

To kick start your day at Art Basel, drop in at the Porterhouse for a delightful Brunch. Porterhouse is beyond just a contemporary steakhouse, it also brings mouth watering international cuisines to the table. Enjoy this remarkable experience at HK$398.

2. Art Central

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Let Art Central satisfy you visually. Discover over 100 amazing artworks from leading international galleries. The Fair's gallery line-up will include the debut of 30 galleries and showcase prominent works of art by talented contemporary artists.

Whilst appreciating the art scene do stop in 紫 Dining at Murasaki. This restaurant has an unique mix of Japanese and French cuisine. Take pleasure in this unforgettable weekend tea set menu at HK$218.

3. Whisk - Art Elements & Cocktail

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Be inspired by the aromas, the colours and the feel of 6 art-inspired dishes and an artsy cocktail at Whisk crafted by food artist Chef Oliver Li. Be ready to submerge yourself in the vivid hues and bold compilations of his masterpiece. Additionally, Whisk is filled with activities to unravel such as Live DJ and Wall Mural Painting by Jasontommy. This exquisite experience is bound to leave one in fascination.

4. Affordable Art Fair

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Affordable Art fair provides a light-hearted environment to experience, fall in love with, and purchase art from 110 established and exciting galleries. It showcases artworks from a wide range of contemporary paintings to sculptures. Find an artwork of your liking, space and budget here at the Affordable Art Fair!

Come by Tycoon Tann for a heart-warming lunch as it celebrates the roots of Hong Kong's culture. Enjoy incredible local snacks alongside with creative cocktails made with Chinese ingredients such as Chinese tea and lemongrass at HK$198 and up. It will definitely leave you energized and ready for more adventure!

5. Hong Kong Arts Festival

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The Hong Kong Arts Festival (HKAF) is the most popular performing arts event in Hong Kong. The festival consists of Asia's top talents and established artists from around the world. With the wide spectrum of the festival events happening, you'll definitely find something that piques your interest here. It will also leave you in awe as you watch the performers pour their heart out on stage.

Complete your day with an amazing 7-Course dinner for HK$349 at Ham and Sherry. It is the perfect spot to chill and hang-out with friends over an appetizing meal brought by the acclaimed restaurateur Yenn Wong and British Michelin star Chef Jason Atherton.