by Khulan on Mar 16, 2018

Most Extravagant Dinner in the World

Most Extravagant Dinner in the World

“Here's a simple truth: Dinner spreads love.”-Laurie David

Dinner plays a significant role in everyone's daily life. It is a time to unwind and unlax whilst savouring the delight. But have you ever wondered about the most luxurious dinner that one could relish in the world? Here is a list of the most lavish dinners around the world that will give you some food for thought!

1. Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester, London (HK$1530 per person)

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Alain Ducasse is currently led by executive chef Jocelyn Herland. It provides refined French cuisine with multiple innovative dining concepts reflecting international influences. This three-star Michelin restaurant offers a six-course dinner menu which currently includes confit duck Foie gras and Dorset crab. Prices start from £140 (about HK$1530) per person.

2. Schloss Schauenstein, Fürstenau, Switzerland (HK$2150 per person)

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The Schloss Schauenstein is a beautiful 18th-century Swiss castle that is home to Andreas Caminada's renowned 3 Michelin-starred restaurant. The Schauenstein Schloss Restaurant Hotel offers a six-course dinner served with aesthetically pleasing dishes done by the head chef Andreas Caminada. Prices start from CHF 261 (about HK$2150).

3. Aragawa, Tokyo (HK$4,145 per person)

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Aragawa's luxuriously marbled wagyu attracts a myriad of meat lovers from around the world. Enjoying a dinner in this top-quality steak restaurant will cost you over JPY 56,000 per person (about HK$4,145) excluding tax.

4. Sublimation, Ibiza, Spain(HK$14,500 per person)

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Sublimation, a twelve seat restaurant at Hard Rock Hotel, charges a staggering amount of €1,500 (of about HK$14,500) for a 20-course dinner. Guests may enjoy a multi-sensory atmosphere of music, video, scent and stimulation which are synced to the virtual backdrop while savouring the dishes served by Michelin-starred chef Paco Roncera.

5. First World Best Chef Sustainable Table, Hong Kong (HK$13,888 per person)

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Hong Kong First World Best Chef Sustainable table is a bi-yearly event launched in 2016. The extravagant event is a way to raise awareness of food sustainability and encourage citizens to start the sustainable diet change. This year, a 10-course Wellness Dinner will be prepared by ten illustrious Michelin starred chefs and will launch in the third week of 2018. Sustainable wines and drinks will also be served alongside the dishes. Its grandeur entails a hefty price tag of HK$13,888 per person and is definitely not a dinner to be missed for food connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike.

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6. “Titanic” The First Class Menu (HK$25888 per person)

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106 years ago on the Titanic, passengers got to experience an extremely exquisite trip. Food and class were intertwined for the ultimate experience. Till today there is a longstanding fascination of the luxury by popular culture. Fortunately on 14 April 2018, Restaurant Petrus at Island Shangri-La is providing a window to the extravagance. Savor the supreme 10-course meal by Chef de Cuisine Ricardo Chaneton, at the same time devour some of the best wines from the early 20th century handpicked by Master Sommelier Yohann Jousselin. Experience this unforgettable meal at HK$2388 and HK$25,888 per person with wines (seats are limited).

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