by Darien Tan on Mar 16, 2018

Brunch in Hong Kong: Ultimate New Brunches in Central

Brunch in Hong Kong: Ultimate New Brunches in Central

It that time of the day again -- you missed breakfast but the time is now a little bit before lunch and you’re starving!

Brunch was never meant to be a slipshod decision especially with this many options around Central to choose from. From an extravagant selection of cheese and melt-in-your-mouth steaks to downright partying with free-flow alcoholic beverages and colonial-inspired meal courses, this guide highlights three iconic brunches that are now being offered around Central for a limited time only. You have to check them out below.

 1. LALA Brunch - The Envoy Bar & Restaurant x LALA Curio

You haven’t experienced a true brunch in Hong Kong if you’ve not enjoyed the merger of life’s greatest pleasures while at it: eating, drinking, dancing and design. This unique champagne-soaked one day only affair takes place in the indoor and outdoor terrace from 12pm-6pm (12pm-3pm: brunch, 3pm-6pm: after party), and offers an afternoon full of brunch favourites, free-flow Mumm Champagne and selected beverages, and live entertainment. Free yourselves up on 24th March (Saturday) and experience the epitome of pleasure curated by home décor brand LALA CURIO and Mumm Champagne!

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2. 3-Course Brunch Specials - Wolfgang’s Steakhouse 

We know, more often than not, cravings for a good classic New York steak is hard to satisfy -- most places just don’t know how to cook them perfectly enough. Wolfgang’s Steakhouse is the exception with their almost butter-like melt-in-your-mouth steak. Besides the steaks, the lobster bisque is also to die for. Healthier options such as Caesar Salad topped with thick and sizzling Canadian Bacon is also a hit and will leave you equally satisfied. Wolfgang’s Steakhouse 3-Course Brunch Specials menu starts from HK$328 and is available every weekend and public holidays from 11:30 am to 4:30 pm.

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3. Porterhouse - Weekend Brunch Buffet

Does unlimited Seafood, Wagyu Ribeye Roast Beef, Spanish Iberico Suckling Pig, and French Roast Chicken sound enticing to you?

Dig into Porterhouse Weekend Brunch Buffet from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm and satisfy your cravings for seafood, all kinds of meat, and over ten types of crafted Veggie Dishes, Italian Cold-cuts, Raclette Cheese and French Fries. Party your way through the weekend with an endless flow of Bubble, Wine, Beer and Cocktail while you’re at it!

Porterhouse Weekend Brunch Buffet starts at HKD398 per head. For an additional HKD150, you get to enjoy the free-flow alcoholic beverage selection for 2 hours. Check out the entire buffet brunch selection and book your seats now via FeedMe Guru.


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4. Jinjuu - Korean Gourmet Brunch

Led by celebrity chef Judy Joo, Korean Gourmet Brunch begins with a selection of fresh seafood and meat including salmon, Aussie beef, as well as gulf prawns. The main attraction features a Korean fried baby 1/2 chicken, sustainable Pacific tuna tartare and multigrain bibimbap.

You can indulge in unlimited Korean bites with one Chef’s pick premium dish, a choice of main and a dessert platter. Korean Gourmet Brunch (HK$388 per person) at Jinjuu is served from 12:30 am till 1:30 pm every Saturday and Sunday. Optional 2-hour Free Flow Booze Time (HK$188) is also on offer.


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