by Darien Tan on Jan 17, 2018

Where to Eat in Hong Kong: Ultimate Restaurant Guide 2018

Where to Eat in Hong Kong: Ultimate Restaurant Guide 2018

Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan metropolis with a blend of old traditions, Western culture and post-modern trends. As such, it’s not surprising that this is also reflected in its food scene. You would be hard pressed to find a cuisine that is not represented in this 30,000-restaurant-strong food paradise. Ironically, the sheer amount of choices also makes it harder to decide on what to eat.

To help you with this decision making process, The Dining Collection - curated by FeedMe Guru, features special set menus that are designed by popular restaurants, and offered at very attractive prices. Menus featured in our Dining Collection are regularly updated and offered for a limited period of time only. If something catches your eye, book in advance and you won't be left disappointed!

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Top HK Local Picks

1. Megan's Kitchen
(Michelin Recommended Hot Pot Restaurant!)

Recommended by Michelin Guide for 7 consecutive years, Megan's Kitchen is one of the favorite restaurants for many local and foreign customers alike, including a number of celebrities and socialites.

Megan's Kitchen has recently refurbished the whole double story venue so that diners can enjoy to the fullest at a more comfortable setting with VIP rooms, spacious suites, and private booths. Renowned for innovative hot pot made with the freshest and homemade ingredients, Tomato & Crab Soup in Souffle Finish and Tom Yum Koong Cappuccino are two of the signature soup bases at Megan's Kitchen. Besides the most variety of imported and local beef selection and fresh-from-the-tank seafood, creative meatballs and homemade dumplings are dishes that can undoubtedly flatter your taste buds.

Hot Pot Tasting Menu, HKD444 per head: Book Now
Chinese New Year Menu, HKD741 per head:
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2. Nanhai No. 1
(Contemporary Chinese Restaurant)

Nanhai No. 1 combines contemporary Chinese cuisine, cutting-edge interior design and famous city panoramas in a new destination restaurant. Named after pioneering Chinese naval explorer Zheng. He’s 15th-century ‘treasure fleet’, the 200-seat Nanhai No. 1 is envisioned as a culinary voyage of exploration inspired by the sea.

The restaurant, famous for its naval architect Zheng He's treasure troop in the 15th century, can accommodate up to 200 diners and brings guests a glimpse of the nautical spirit.

Special Set Menu, HKD450 per head: Book Now
Executive Lunch Menu, HKD220 per head: Book Now

3. Sun Tung Lok Chinese Cuisine
(Two Michelin Star Guangdong Cuisine)

Sun Tung Lok was founded in 1969 by the Yuen family. In the last four decades, their focus on top quality Guangdong cuisine and tailor made customer services have lead their restaurant to achieve an unparalleled reputation in the market. Sun Tung Lok Chinese Cuisine has held 2 Michelin Stars from 2012 to 2017.

6-course Set Lunch Menu, HKD368 per head: Book Now
FeedMe Guru All Day Menu, HKD880 per head: Book Now

4. Fang Fang
(Asian Fusion Cuisine)

Fang Fang, located in the LKF Tower in Wan Chai Street in Central, infuses oriental elements with a modern flair in the architecture of the restaurant. It separates the dining and bar areas to ensure exclusivity for all its diners.

Marked by its expertise in Asian Fusion Cuisine, all dishes have a touch of just the right amount of Western cuisine influence -- representing Fang Fang's unique cuisine style.

Taste of Fang Fang, HKD218 per head: Book Now

5. Ye Shanghai
(Top Shanghainese Cuisine)

Ye Shanghai reflects the culture and spirit of Shanghai, gathering the essence of the three regions - Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai - to interpret a variety of classic Shanghai dishes with a new and unique approach.

Ye Shanghai, located in the Marco Polo Hotel at Kowloon, serves all kinds of exquisite Shanghai dishes and snacks -- celebrating authentic “Shanghainese” cuisine.

FeedMe Guru Exclusive Tasting Menu, HKD488 per head: Book Now

6. Chilli Fagara
(Dramatic Fiery Sichuan Cuisine)

Based on the Ma La Tang concept for numbing (ma), burning (la) and neutral (tang) tastes of Sichuan food, Chilli Fagara attracts a loyal clientele with their authentic, fiery Sichuan cuisine. Their Sichuan specialties are for the daring palate. Dramatic and challenging, they offer an unforgettable experience. But there is also plenty on the menu for a relaxing dining experience with entrees that offer delicate flavor combinations.

FeedMe Guru 5-Course Tasting Menu, HKD250 per head: Book Now
FeedMe Guru 7-Course Tasting Menu, HKD400 per head: Book Now

7. Rock Salt Japanese Restaurant
(Traditional Japanese Cuisine)

Newly open in July 2017, Rock Salt Japanese Restaurant is located in Causeway Bay, a major District in Hong Kong, and serves quality Japanese Dishes.

Kamameshi is the signature dish of Rock Salt. Kamameshi, a traditional Japanese dish, mixes and cooks rice together with various ingredients in a special pot, where the rice absorbs all the flavor of the ingredients.

Each Table is also provided with natural, high-quality Himalayas Rock Salt which enhances the taste of all dishes.

Rock Salt's Japanese Chef designs the special menu based on the seasonality of the ingredients in Japan -- where the restaurant exclusively sources ingredients from.

7-Course Tasting Menu: Book Now

Top Western Picks

1. Wolfgang's Steakhouse
(Top Ten Steakhouses)

Wolfgang's Steakhouse, hailed as one of New York's top ten steakhouses, offers only USDA prime steaks that are produced by a unique breed of cattle which makes up for only about 2% of cattle produced in the United States each year.

In order to maintain quality, the sources of steaks across all Wolfgang outlets are unified and air-flown from the United States every week.

Brunch Specials (a-la-carte), HKD180 and up: Book now

(Posh Afternoon Tea)

A short form for Asia, Modern, Museum and Original, AMMO is an award-winning, contemporary tapas bar and restaurant located in the stunning heritage site of a former 19th century explosives compound. Here is where casual setting meets perfectly with highly crafted dishes and artisan cocktails in a casual environment.

Afternoon Tea Set, HKD180 per head: Book Now

3. Commissary
(American Comfort Favourites)

Commissary is a casual all-day restaurant and bar which draws influences from the rich diversity of cultures in Southern California, serving light, vibrant dishes as well as American comfort favourites.

6-Course Dinner Tasting Menu, HKD350 per head: Book Now

4. 208 Duecento Otto
(Authentic Napoletana Pizzas)

208’s pizzas are prepared to the specifications of The Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana – using only buffalo mozzarella from Campana and the freshest ingredients and baked in a custom-designed pizza oven shipped in from Naples. The signature is the D.O.C with cherry tomato, mozzarella and basil.

When cooked, a Napoletana pizza has a raised crust of dark golden colour and the taste of freshly risen bread. It is soft in touch, especially in the centre where the toppings are scantily arranged making it easily folded for eating “con la mano” (with the hand).

The 208 Feast, HKD488 per head: Book Now

5. OM Tapas
(Authentic Spanish Cuisine)

OM Tapas takes inspiration from the yoga mantra, om. The chant represents the past, present and future. Similarly, guests of OM can experience what Spanish food was, is and will be.

Born in Andalusia where Spanish tapas and Iberico pigs call home, Executive Chef Antonio Moran was trained rigorously at several Michelin-starred kitchens including Martin Berasategui, Lillas Pastia and Taberna del Alabardero.

This 9-course Tasting Menu with optional Spanish wines pairing gives you a flavour of some of the best crafted dishes of Antonio including all time favouriies Slowcooked Iberico Porkcheek Bao, Slowcooked Octopus and Piquillo Tenderloin.

9-course Tasting Menu, HKD450 per head: Book Now

6. Westwood Carvery
(Leading Prime Rib Restaurant and Bar)

Westwood Carvery is a leading prime rib restaurant and bar located at the heart of one of the most popular tourist and local food and night life destinations in Hong Kong namely Lan Kwai Fong. This steakhouse/wine bar is a cozy, intimate, atmospheric, and relaxed venue whose concept is casual American cuisine dining. They do carry an extensive international wine list. If you ever think of popping down this nice chill out place, try their USDA slow roasted prime rib, beef short rib, US baby back pork ribs or their Canadian sea urchin carbonara – these are a must!

FeedMe Guru Exclusive Menu, HKD368 per head: Book Now

The Dining Collection, curated by FeedMe Guru, offers affordable and delicious tasting menus by the top restaurants in town. Stay tuned for more!