by June Leung on Oct 3, 2017

The Smart Expat's Guide to Chili Crab in Hong Kong

The Smart Expat's Guide to Chili Crab in Hong Kong

If you are all about the crustacean craze then FeedMe Guru and Hong Kong Tourism Board’s Crabalicious campaign will make all your dreams come true. Partnering with 60+ top restaurants in Hong Kong, crab tasting menus span a wide ride range of global cuisines from Chinese to Spanish. These tasting menus can be booked online, exclusively on FeedMe Guru’s app and web platforms, from November 1st to 30th, 2017.

Participating in Crabalicious, Qi-Nine Dragons will be the destination to dine when it comes to spicy crab and authentic Sichuan cuisine. Recommended by Michelin Guide HK & Macau, Qi-Nine Dragons is a sister restaurant of Hong Kong’s only Michelin-starred Sichuan restaurant Qi-House of Sichuan. Qi-Nine Dragons is a spare and modern restaurant on Peking Road in Tsim Sha Tsui, presenting guests with the spectacular views of Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong Island skyline from their dining room and rooftop.

In the private room visible behind sliding doors, the chairs look like small Chinese wooden thrones each carved with “呇” (“Qi”, “bright star”). The restaurant is set with dark wooden furniture and occasional red decorations. Atmosphere does not fill your stomach, but when it is done right, it will slowly heighten your senses to the aromas and tastes on the way.

To start the menu, Qi-Nine Dragon’s Hot and Sour Crab Soup provides a heat in thrilling check with sourness. With just enough spice to make you start taking shallow breaths, pulled crab meat, cloud ear fungus and sliced tofu are encased in a thick flavourful gloss every spoonful of the dish. 

The second highlight, Chili Fried Dungeness Crab, makes a bold exposition as each large piece is towered on top of each other. The flavors of crab are potent for they do not get all of their force from the heat. Instead, the chili fried Dungeness crab gives way to the fresh crustacean aroma and makes heads turn as the impressive dish is freshly brought out from the kitchen. Without a doubt, this crabalicious finger-licking goodness is a must-try and will definitely kickoff your chili crab obsession.

Strafe your palate into submission with a hail of chilis, one of the hottest things on the menu is none other than Spicy Soft Shell Crab. Below, there are stir-fried spring onions; coated in Sichuan peppercorns; and scads of minced garlic. Its ability to shock and amaze comes from fresh Sichuan chilis that are roasted until crisp and the chili seeds that cling onto every fiery bite of soft shell crab. Offset by vibrant greens and hellish crimsons, the Spicy Soft Shell Crab is a roller coaster of textures and flavors as the Sichuan spice insinuates itself into every single crevice.

Red Bean Pancake with Ice Cream is no revelation, but it offers reliable relief. As do the waiters as water glasses are refilled with remarkable frequency. The sweet dessert extinguishes the little hell flames and leads you into the final stop of this culinary masterpiece.

Qi- Nine Dragons sets a definitive standard for Hong Kong’s Sichuan chili crab. Whether you are an expat, local or tourist, this exclusive tasting menu is highly recommended for dining with friends and family. Available from November 1st to 30th, 2017, book here now on FeedMe Guru and experience one of the many Crabalicious delights.