by June Leung on Aug 24, 2017

10 Mooncakes You Need to Try This Autumn

10 Mooncakes You Need to Try This Autumn

Gather friends and family to savor these 10 mooncakes which fuse traditional elements with innovative flavors. These culinary works of art are crafted using contemporary interpretations of the centuries old dessert by some of the most awarded restaurants in Hong such as chocolate-mooncakes and mooncake-flavored-macarons. Purchase these mooncakes in a few clicks on FeedMe Guru’s platform. Our top 10 picks include:

Rose Purée and Roselle Mooncakes (Cuisine Cuisine)

Cuisine Cuisine, a Michelin-recommended Cantonese restaurant, presents artisan mooncake gift sets in timeless packaging tailored with silk and golden embellishments as a showcase of artistry. The custard filling is infused with natural rose jam and incorporated with dried roselle, yielding a sweet and tangy aftertaste. The elegant mooncake is the secret recipe of Cuisine Cuisine's intricate culinary art which makes impressive gifts for your loved ones, family friends, and business partners.

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Charcoal Mooncakes with Red Date Paste, Apricot and Walnut (Shang Palace, Kowloon Shangri-la)

Black is the new prestige. Black is elegant, black is formal and most importantly, black is mysterious. Streaked with gold dust, this dark beauty yields a soft maroon center made from red date paste. Incorporated with dried chewy apricot and a crunch of walnuts, savor this brilliant contemporary take on mooncakes. Chef Mok of Two-Michelin Starred Restaurant, Shang Palace, has created a series of these mooncakes to be shared during the Mid-Autumn Festival among family and friends available for purchase here.

Macaron Mooncakes (Jouer)

When it comes to innovation, Jouer is definitely a pioneer of its time. Presenting a series of mooncake flavored macarons wrapped in a bamboo gift box, these sweet delights come in lotus, custard, mung bean, wu ren nuts, taro jam and date jam flavors. What’s more,  Jouer also offers traditional mooncakes with a twist. Featuring popular flavors such as Hong Kong milk tea, Horlicks, dark chocolate Bourbon caramel, Kaya and salt. Opportunities only knock once and this one should definitely be grasped onto dearly!

Check out Jouer’s innovative mooncakes here now!

Sister Lian (Homie Cookies)

Homie Cookies, founded by Hong Kong celebrity Joyce Cheng (鄭欣宜), debuts their exclusive Soft Baked Mooncake Cookie in two classic flavors: custard with salted egg and lotus seed paste with salted egg yolk.

Sister Lian brings a twist on the traditional mooncake by replacing the usual cake with cookie. Covered in gold foil, this lotus seed paste cookie holds a salted egg yolk center. Sure to raise some eyebrows during Mid-autumn Festival, go ahead and have a bite of the savory and sweet goodness here!

Classic Jumbo Mooncake with Walnut and 6 Egg Yolks (Sun Tung Lok)

It all boils down to paying homage to the traditional Mid-autumn Festival by gathering around with family and friends. What a better way to celebrate than return to old school roots in JUMBO SIZE.

Two-star Michelin restaurant Sun Tung Lok Chinese Cuisine goes all out this season with their Classic Jumbo Mooncake with SIX egg yolks and homemade sesame walnut. If 6 egg yolks are too much for your appetite, Sun Tong Lok is also offering Mini Mooncake Gift Boxes as bite-sized delights.

Go big or go home. Check out Sun Tung Lok’s 6 Egg Yolk Jumbo Mooncake here.

Chiu Chau Mooncakes with Pandan Leaf, Yam Paste and Salty Egg Yolk (Shang Palace, Kowloon Shangri-la)

Chef Mok of Two-Michelin Star Restaurant, Shang Palace, never disappoints in the curation and execution of exquisite culinary art pieces. Chef Mok has put on his creative hat to design brand-new flavors, featuring exciting ingredients from all over the world and presentations with modern twists.

The Chiu Chau Mooncake resembles a soft green pastry made with pandan leaf, yam paste and salty egg yolk. Featured together with the Charcoal Red Date Paste Mooncake, the vibrant green Chiu Chau mooncake undoubtedly stands out in Shang Palace’s Signature Mooncakes Quartet.

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Mini Golden Egg Custard Mooncakes (Fook Lam Moon)

Drawing upon chefs' sublime culinary skills and time-honored recipes, Fook Lam Moon Foods presents the classic tastes of traditional mooncakes encased in a traditional Chinese embroidered gift box. Acting as optimal gifts for friends, family and business clients, Fook Lam Moon also offers gift sets with Premium Pu-er Tea Leaves.

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Grain & Yuzu Mooncake and Matcha & Wolfberry Mooncake (Kaorisabo)

On a “diet”? (Every day is a cheat day.) Vegetarian? (We respect that and we’ve got your back.) No egg yolk or meat products were used in the production of these mooncakes, making them especially suitable for health conscious or vegetarian customers.

Japanese tea house Kaorisabo has partnered with social enterprise La Vie (focuses on providing employment opportunities for people with disabilities, such as the production of these mooncakes under the supervision of professional pastry chefs) to create a Tea Themed Mooncake Gift Set. The set features two unique flavors:

1. Uji Matcha with Goji Berries Mooncake, a healthy combination which has a sweet taste and interesting texture profile.

2. Red Beans Yuzu with Five Nuts Mooncake, which makes use of pumpkin seeds, melon seeds, sesame seeds, walnut.

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Cream Custard Mooncakes (Duddell's X Ting Ting)

Two-Michelin Starred Duddell's has collaborated with Hong Kong painter Cheng Ting Ting, an emerging artist who is recognized for her dynamic paintings. Cheery illustrations and shades of plum and pink feature on this year's limited edition gift box, made for the coveted cream custard mooncakes. True to her style, Ting Ting's hand-painted design reflects the communal and approachable spirit of her favorite Chinese festival where friends and family gather to celebrate the moon.

Purchase this authentic culinary artistry here as a gift for friends and family now!

Organic Tahini and Black Sesame Purée Mooncakes with Egg Yolk (Tsui Hang Village)

Blended with organic Tahini and freshly grounded black sesame, this new mooncake comes with a nutty texture and sweet aroma, best to sample during family reunions.

Tsui Hang Village also offers the Full Moon Duo – a mini mooncakes gift box featuring two enticing flavors. Each Full Moon Duo gift box includes the acclaimed Mini Cumquat Purée Mooncakes with Egg Yolk and the new creation, Mini Organic Tahini and Black Sesame Purée Mooncakes with Egg Yolk.

Check out Tsui Hang Village’s take on traditional mooncake craftsmanship here!