by June Leung on Aug 10, 2017

4 Staggering Dishes You Need To Try This Summer

4 Staggering Dishes You Need To Try This Summer

What better way to escape the feverish hustle and bustle than to treat yourself to these amazing dishes at Hong Kong’s most renowned dining hotspots! Featured in LKF Summer Vibes tasting menus, the 4 following dishes are highly recommended must-trys, and here’s why:

Bulgogi Bao Buns

Through trial and error, Chef Kun Young Pak (Philip) has come a long way to perfect CÉ LA VI’s homemade bao buns. “I’m American Korean, I grew up eating bulgogi and love the texture of the bao bun,” Phil tells FeedMe Guru. “Customers will be in for a treat of crunchiness and sweetness altogether.”

The Korean beef is marinated in bulgogi sauce for two days, pan seared, served in the bao bun together with Negi salad and delicately drizzled in black garlic dressing. Bite into the soft, spongy bao that is densely packed with bubbles of yeasty pockets, and catch the trickle of succulent bulgogi beef juice.

Immerse yourself in serenity at Lan Kwai Fong’s dining hotspot, as you marvel at CÉ LA VI’s romantic decor and roof garden. Check out Chef Philip’s Homemade Bulgogi Bao Bun here and don’t forget to try their signature Matcha Lava Tart.

Foie Gras Bikini 

FoFo by El Willy is the fanciest, most innovative and upscale of Alex Fargas’s restaurants, and the one that provides the fullest expression of his dreamscape vision of Spanish food.

Typically made as a sandwich with foie gras, chili tomato, cheese and ham, Chef Fargas does not reproduce or translate the traditional dish; he builds a fantasy version of it. The foie gras is sandwiched between FoFo’s sweet “crunchy bread” with homemade chili tomatoes. Fresh popcorn is then blended to make a savory powder that is dashed onto the bikini for an extra burst of flavor.

The culinary art piece is a crackling skin yielding to a soft and buttery middle. As you chew on the foie gras that melts in your mouth, you will bite into the sweet crunch that clings to a tangy chili jam.

For more information, click here.  

Beer Fish in Panang Sauce

It goes a long way to say whether the greatness of a country’s cuisine can be measured by its humblest dishes. At Café Siam, Chef Lo (Nutkham Phairot) humbly demonstrates his passion and skill at culinary arts.

A sea bass, coated in panang curry sauce and coconut milk, emerges from the oven armored and shining, under the bright leaves of kaffir lime and Thai chili. The highlight of the dish is not the fish itself but an interesting choice of ingredient — Singha beer. “The key is to add the beer last when the fish is done,” explains Chef Lo. Revel in the inseparable panang/coconut combo as a subtle beer flavor lingers on your palette.

Café Siam’s Thai style grilled beef on the same Summer Vibes menu should also not be ignored. With just enough fresh peppercorns and chili to make you start taking shallow breaths, this dish presents bite-sized beef cubes packed with lime juice, sweet onions and savory fish sauce.

Take our word for it and treat yourself on a gastronomical journey with the flavors of Thailand in Café Siam’s full exclusive tasting menu here. 

Dulce De Leche Cheesecake

“A good cheesecake starts with what’s inside the cheesecake,” Chef Saruulgerel Enkh-Amgalan (Eggi) tells FeedMe Guru. “And our key ingredient is dulce de leche, a traditional Argentinian sweet condiment.”

Setting off the whole flavor and background of the cheesecake, GAUCHO presents a Dulce De Leche cheesecake like no other. What sets this dessert apart from the others, is that the cake center is cooked entirely individual as to prevent overcooking and create a much smoother texture. Marshmallow fluff is caramelized on a serving plate with a blowtorch, the same is also done to a small ladle of salted caramel and placed beside the cheesecake.

The restaurant is sleek like an Armani runway show, dimly lit by chandeliers, covered in cow faux furs and marbled floors. GAUCHO is true to its Argentinian roots which is hard to come by, give into your sugary temptations and have a go at Chef Eggi’s exquisite Delce De Leche Cheesecake here now.