by Vivian on Mar 7, 2017

#Savouring Art 2017

#Savouring Art 2017

Lan Kwai Fong will be transformed into a focal point for those who love art and foodies alike this March because a dozen of the trendiest restaurant in Lan Kwai Fong has created a series of exclusive art-inspired tasting menus to complement the art happenings in Hong Kong and these menus are exclusively available for booking on FeedMe Guru's web-page and mobile app platforms from March 1-31.

FeedMe Guru got you covered with a luxury night-out by partnering with Uber as well, you may "Get there with Uber".  You will have a unique code by booking the menus. Getting tired? Jinjuu and Kyoto Joe also offer delivery via UberEAT. 

Get Ready for this extraordinary and exquisite tasting journey? Make your reservations to enjoy exclusive discount offer through booking online.  

蘭桂坊將於三月成為所有美食與藝術愛好者的焦點。為響應三月份香港各種藝術活動,十二間位於蘭桂坊的時尚餐廳創造了一系列獨家藝術嚐味菜單。由三月一日起自三十一日,這些套餐將可透過肥美達人FeedMe Guru網站及手機應用程式平台提供的獨家訂位服務預訂。

FeedMe Guru與Uber合作,提供貴賓一個美好的夜晚。預訂此系列套餐,貴賓將會得到一個專屬代碼,貴賓可搭乘Uber抵達餐廳。不想出門?Jinjuu及Kyoto Joe亦透過UberEATS提供送遞服務。


      Cassio’s menu by Executive Chef Daniel Benitorafe Rivera showcases spring –inspired ingredients that complement each other in terms of flavors, colors, textures and richness and it is priced at $688 for 5 courses.


        CÉ LA VI tasting menu by Head Chef Kun Young Pak offers some of the best view in town.  The menu features art-inspired dishes with modern Asian twist and is priced at $688 for 5 courses.

        CÉ LA VI主打新派亞洲菜式,以日本菜為創作基礎,並加入亞洲地道調味料炮製出不同美食。CÉ LA VI裝潢豐戲劇感與異國風情,並設有露天酒吧,讓您可以360度飽覽香港醉人夜景,同時品嚐獨特的新式味道!

            dragon-i, a Japanese and Chinese fusion restaurant, offers some of the best dining vibes in town. The menu is priced at $500 for 5 courses prepared by Executive Chef Ryan Chui.


              Fish & Meat’s by Maximal Concepts, its Corporate Executive Chef Russell uses ingredients that speak for themselves and brings cooking back to its basics. The menu is priced at $650 for 4 courses.

              Fish & Meat是Maximal Concepts旗下餐廳,Chef Russell讓新鮮食材為自己發聲,並將烹調回歸基本。

              Jinjuu’s head chef Sang Hyun Ko commits to serve great Korean food that is inspired by the European cuisine. The menu is priced at $595 for 4 courses.

              韓國料理將陰陽五行的概念融入菜餚,包括「鹹、甜、酸、苦、辣」五位和「紅、綠、白、黑、黃」五色,展現出非常繽紛的色彩和豐富的配菜。Jinjuu主廚 Sang Hyun Ko 曾於倫敦研習烹調藝術並於數間著名倫敦餐廳學藝,他將為您準備出獨一無二的韓國風味,以時尚型格的方式呈現出新派韓國飲食的藝術!  

                  Kyoto Joe is helmed by Chef Dow who is known for his fine execution of his dishes. The menu is priced at $660 for 6 courses.

                  日本料理重視擺盤,因而被稱為「眼睛的料理」。坐落於蘭桂芳的Kyoto Joe每日為您搜羅來自日本各種新鮮食材,配上舒適與休閒的氣氛,Kyoto Joe讓您與親朋好友享受最新鮮的和食!

                    Mercato focuses on combining the finest Italian products with the freshest local bounty to create a naturally vibrant culinary experience unlike any other. The tasting menu is priced at $628 for 4 courses prepared by Executive Chef Anthony Burd.


                      Mercedes me is a restaurant that pioneers a new lifestyle experience that lives up to the Mercedes-Benz standard. The tasting menu is prepared by Head Chef Fernando Gojan, priced at $600 for 4 courses and a cocktail.

                      Mercedes me致力於提供Mercedes Benz品牌等級的全新生活體驗。本套餐由主廚Fernando Gojan精心準備。

                        Porterhouse is a contemporary upscale steakhouse. Instead of steak, they are featuring rack of lamb that is very nicely decorated. The menu is priced at $500 for 5 courses and a cocktail prepared by Head Chef Thomas Peter Brimble.


                          Tycoon Tann Executive Chef Wong Wai Man presents stunning, colorful and artsy dishes by purely using natural ingredients without any artificial coloring. The menu is priced at $698 for 4 courses and a cocktail.

                          Tycoon Tann為您帶來充滿香港特色的菜色。餐廳一樓以先驅派中國風設計,二樓以上海風融合法國主意裝潢,Tycoon Tann的環境帶您穿越時空和國界,享受中國式的色、香、味、意、形!

                            At Westwood Carvery, Chef Nick Siu, a native Los Angeles who specializes in slow- roasted USDA Prime Rib, has created a menu that is priced at $599 for 4 courses.

                            Westwood Carvery集牛排屋和酒吧於一身,節奏輕快的開揚格調,樓上一層則提供較多私人空間。餐廳的牛排專用最上等 USDA Prime 美國牛排慢烤而成,肉質方面口感堪稱一流。就在三月與親朋好友來感受令人垂涎三尺的牛排!

                              At Yuet Kwai Restaurant by FOVEA, diners can expect to be dazzled by modern twists to all kinds of Cantonese dishes prepared by Executive Chef Chau Ho Wan. The menu is priced at $380 for 4 courses and a cocktail.