by Liz on Oct 22, 2016

Gastronomical Treasure - White Alba Truffle

Gastronomical Treasure - White Alba Truffle

White truffles are the rarest and most expensive of the fungal species, only available for a short period in late autumn and early winter. They are almost exclusively from Northern Italy, where they must be foraged by dogs.

As a wild and natural product, white truffle is hard to find and cannot be cultivated. The unpredictability makes this gem in the same league of greatest luxury as caviar, foie gras and champagne. Its unique aroma, combined with newly plowed soil, fall rain and burrowing earthworms, has a strong musky and slightly garlicky scent. The gastronomically unique and wonderfully intoxicating flavor explains its popularity among bon vivants.

To ensure optimum freshness and quality, white truffles are almost never cooked but are usually consumed fresh, mostly by being shaved into paper-thin slices over pasta, risotto or salad.

Follow your nose to the buzzy Italian bar and restaurant at 208 Duecento Otto, which is offering the autumnal Tartufo Bianco d’Alba Menu. Set in a stunning two-storied venue formerly a meat storage warehouse, 208 is located on Hong Kong’s art and antiquing Hollywood Road. Downstairs is an energetic bar with a New York vibe, ideal for knocking back some Italian-inspired cocktails and wines.

Upstairs is the more intimate restaurant with the convivial spirit. A unique feature of the restaurant is a traditional Napoletana pizza oven, shipped in from Naples, the home to Italy’s finest pizza. Pizzaioli at 208 create authentic, tasty pizzas to the specifications of the Association Verace Pizza Napoletana - using only buffalo mozzarella imported from Italy.

Executive Chef Mick Bolam’s authentic rustic seasonal dishes will transport diners to Italy, indulging in a full table of white truffle dishes to gratify the palates.

To begin with, diners will have two starters, including Beef carpaccio, pickle mushroom, radish, Marsala jelly and white Alba truffle, and Soft organic egg, charred asparagus and white Alba truffle.

For the main course, diners can opt for the cheesy, creamy and truffle-y al dente homemade Tagliatelle wither whie Alba truffle, scarmoza and parmesan fondue or the delicious Pizza bianco with procini mushrooms, buffalo mozzarella and white Alba truffle.

To finish off the meal, take a sweet note with an Italian classic – Glazed fig, grappa zabaglione and white Alba truffle. Check out the 208 Duecento Otto’s tasting menu featuring ‘the diamonds of the kitchen’ at FeedMe Guru, only available until the end of November.