by FeedMe Guru on Feb 6, 2017

Flying Pig Bistro

Flying Pig Bistro

If you are looking for European comfort food with generous portion, if you are looking for a stylish vibe, or if you are looking for somewhere to chill near Sai Ying Pun on weekends, Flying Pig bistro may be something you need.

The restaurant is designed by the founder Chris and Hong Kong-based artist Malcolm Golding. It is a cosy, casual and comfortable space that’s far from pretentious. The furniture is made from recycled materials, whilst the walls are adorned with charcoal graffiti complete with flying pigs.

Dishes use special imported European products mixed with local ingredients covering all-day-dining – serving up breakfast, lunch, dinner and brunch as well as drinks and Sunday roast. As its name suggests, this restaurant provides numerous pork dishes, including from sliders to pork knuckle and roast suckling pig, but also lighter options such as a quinoa salad. Among these dishes, one of the signature is the Iberico Pork Chop - pan fried pork paired with seasonal vegetables. Its tender texture of meat with generous portion is always attractive to the pork lovers. 

Apart from pork dishes, the 10oz Organic Rib Eye Steak, 8oz Organic Aussie Strip Loin and New Zealand Lamb Chop are also all-time favourites by lots of foodies. Therefore, please come with an appetite and do wear some stretchy pants!  

With $238 only, you can come to enjoy the exclusive tasting menu curated by Flying Pig. Please don't hesitate to grab your seat before it's booked out!   

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