by Christy on Nov 9, 2016

Hairy Crab: Autumn’s Golden Prize

Hairy Crab: Autumn’s Golden Prize

Hairy Crab: Autumn’s Golden Prize

With autumn comes the hairy crab season. After a long wait, we can finally roll up our sleeves and prepare ourselves for autumn’s golden prize. For those about to embark on a hairy crab journey – we would like to walk you through the basics of enjoying this famous crustacean from Shanghai.

An ideal hairy crab is about fist-sized and gray-green in colour with its legs spiked with bristles. The best and only season to enjoy their scrumptious roe and succulent meat is from October to November during which they are freshly harvested.

When eating hairy crab, it is absolutely essential to pair your food carefully, as these crabs are considered very “cold” (yin) from a Chinese medicine’s perspective. You should avoid other “cold” food such as lotus roots, bamboo shoots, bitter gourd, and pomelo. Combining persimmon and crab could also pose a threat to your intestines.

Some parts of the crab are considered “colder” than others, and hence should be avoided, like the lung, heart and stomach. However, don’t fret too much, as a sip of ginger tea can solve much of the problem and warm your body back up. 

Apart from taking apart and eating the whole crab, you can also enjoy specially crafted tasting menus that showcases the delicious yolk-like roe and tenderly sweet meat of the hairy crab. Extracting the roe and meat, and combining it with other ingredients to enrich the taste to a whole new level, takes years of culinary experience. One of the best places to experience a Hairy Crab Tasting Menu Feast is at Lai Bun Fu. This restaurant is helmed by Chef Chung Kin Leung who has a decade of experience at the Hong Kong Government House, cooking for world leaders such as U.S. President George Bush and British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

You can book a 7 Course Hairy Crab Tasting Menu, with dishes like Baked Crab Shell Stuffed with Hairy Crab, Deep Fried Chicken Wing Stuffed with Hairy Crab, as well as a 6 Tael Taihu Hairy Crab, for just $888 per person through FeedMe Guru:…

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