by Carson on Dec 6, 2018

Gold Rushing Season: Le Rêve’s Black and White Truffle Menu

Gold Rushing Season: Le Rêve’s Black and White Truffle Menu

Making your dreams come true once again!

The seasonal delicacy – Truffle – arrives in restaurants across the globe. Le Rêve, the fine dining alchemist known for combining the art of French cooking with fresh premium ingredients, will bring you to explore the earthy flavours of black and white truffles in brand new menus.

Often referred to as “the diamond of the kitchen”, truffles are highly sought after all year round in kitchens around the world; Tuber magnatum (white truffle) however, are only available during peak season until the month of December. Le Rêve has created seven entirely new dishes, alongside one trusted favourite, incorporating the famed ingredient.
Truffle Wild Mushroom Risotto, with raw black truffle shavings sprinkled on top during the festive dining period. 75e1aa672e599124ce995e421d306e69.jpg

Le Rêve’s famed jumbo Japanese Pan Fried Scallop with salmon roe, pea puree, and a black truffle and almond cream sauce.

a2b07d8e4f0262acba7c28545dcf612d.jpg Lobster Tail with Truffle Oil enhancing the flavour and aroma of truffles throughout a slow cooking process, and served in a Kombu mango tofu sauce. 

Available throughout December, celebrating the culinary season and welcoming the joyful time of Christmas. On 24, 25, and 31 December, white truffle is generously added to embrace the magical festive journey.

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