by Pinky on Nov 9, 2016

FeedMe Guru's British Themed Tasting Menus

FeedMe Guru's British Themed Tasting Menus

With some of the richest fishing areas in the world, seafood is an important element in the British diet. Speaking of seafood, the quintessential British dish has to be Fish & Chips. In fact, there are 8500 Fish & Chips shops across UK, that is 8 outlets for every McDonald’s in the country!

But of course, apart from Fish & Chips, there are plenty of other British dishes on offer. These are all on display as part of FeedMe Guru's British Themed Tasting Menus, on offer until November 20, as part of the Best of British month!

(1) Invented by the British, the Apple Pie has a history that spans over 600 years. You can sample how this dish is done properly at Flint Grill & Bar this October & November.

(2) Smoked Salmon has always been considered a luxury for the Brits. Aberdeen Street Social has prepared for us a Home Smoked Salmon with Apple, Beetroot and Tarragon as part of the FeedMe Guru lineup.

(3) Having played an important role in British history, Fish and Chips is definitely a must try when it comes to English cuisine. Popsy Modern Kitchen has created a modern twist to this dish as part of their 10 Course Mockingbird Experience on the FeedMe Guru platform.

(4) Indian food is so entwined with Great Britain's national psyche that many Indian dishes have been proclaimed British national dishes. In fact, London has more Indian restaurants than Delhi or Mumbai. It is only fitting that we include popular dishes like Lamb Seekh Kebab by Gaylord as part of our Best of British lineup!