by Charmaine Chan on Jan 1, 2019

FoFo by el Willy presents The Surf & Turf Brunch

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Lobster or Steak? Why choose when you can have both?

Brunch is arguably the most important meal of the week, but eating bacon and egg to pastries to pancakes, again and again, can get kind of old. FoFo by el Willy is here to shake up your brunch experience by offering a lobster and steak combination as apart of their Surf & Turf Brunch.


 Grilled Lobster with Garlic Mousseline & Brussels Sprouts


Premium Spanish Beef with Bravas & Spinach Salad


Mains with Sangria

SURF & TURF BRUNCH menu is available from November 2018 on every Saturday and public holidays. The menu begins with “Serrano ham with tomato crystal bread”, “Marinated salmon with horse radish foam & crispy skins” and “Lobster mollette with chipotle & pickles”. The highlight of this menu is then served, being the “Grilled lobster with garlic mousseline & brussels sprouts” as well as “Premium Spanish beef with bravas & spinach salad”. This brunch set concludes on a sweet note with a Dessert platter. All for only $398 per person, with the option of the free flow of cava (+$160) or cava & sangria (+$250) for those who are in the mood for a tipple with their brunch. Call 2900 2009 to book now! b87ecf6d35c6ff37d9586e7e6b2a046b.jpg